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D. 2. Legal/Political Environment

The purpose of this section is to detail the current and projected legal and political environments for the firm, the industry and business in general. This section will vary considerably depending on two factors.

The first factor has to do with how connected the industry is with political and legal environments. Some firms, such as the tobacco industry, are closely intertwined with political and legal issues. These organizations will likely have a considerable amount of analysis in this section of the plan. Other organizations, for instance a candy company, might not have as much connection to political and legal issues.

The second factor determining the degree of analysis that goes on in this section has to do with the scope of the organization and the level of the plan. If the organization is a multinational organization and the plan is on an overall level, the plan would need to address political and legal environments in all current and prospective markets. This is a particular issue for organizations that take a global marketing approach (i.e. the same marketing plan and mix for all markets). Organizations operating internationally, but tailoring their programs to individual national markets might be better off constructing completely different plans for each market.




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