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B. 1. Sales history by grades; varieties; by sales district; by end use; by industry.

In this section you want to detail the recent sales history of the organization. The idea is to get a handle on the level of success they have met with recently. You also want to search for any trends that may be occurring.

In order to spot trends, you may have to break sales down into as many different sub-categories as possible.

For instance, if you sell many different products, you are going to want to see if there are different trends by product category, or grade, or model, or by whatever kind of distinction you can make.

The list of break outs is really a sort of check list of possible ones you may want to look at. What this section ultimately looks like is going to be based in large part on the availability of data, and that will be driven in part by the perspective you are taking with your plan. For example, if you are writing the plan from the perspective of a competitor, much of this data will not be available.




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