A Presentation
on Giving a Classic Presentation
On The Web!
Slide 1 Notes are where we elaborate on our topic.. While intended for the presenter, when we are to publish on the web, it may be useful to include our content in notes. Then when we publish on the web, all of our content can be presented. 

Watch the following slides for how to do this.

Slide 2 This presentation will illustrate the classical style of presentation. This means there is a cover slide, an agenda slide (like this one), topical slides (coming up next), and a closure slide. These let the presenter get the audience attention, tell em what they are going to be told, tell em what they are being told, and tell em what they were told. This is a classical presentation format. 

On with the show~

Well, if we save this presentation into MS Word (a wizard will help), we can integrate all of this into a web pblishable doc. This is done by sending the presentation to word. First, we save it from word, as an html doc. Then we open that doc in Netscape Composer.
And, aside from the usual frustrations, we have an integrated presentation. 

Maybe we should add some navigation? 

Have a smashing good time!