How to Set up:
a Netscape Browser to:
Receive and Send Mail

Be a well behaved member of cyberspace and do this each time you process mail through your browser. This way, the person who receives your messages will always know who they are getting mail from, and will be able to reply easily (with the push of a button). Remember you are asking for someone's time (a valuable resource of theirs). Be polite!

1. Bring up a Netscape Browser.
2. Select the edit menu, preferences menu item.
3. You should see a screen that looks like:

4. Please enter your name and email address. You may want to enter a different     reply-to address if you want replies to your messages sent to an id other than the one you are currently logged on to.
5. Select Mail Server. The screen now looks like:

    6. Enter your email account id and the mail server names. When at Uhar, the mail server names are both
    7. Select the mailbox icon on the lower tool bar in Netscape.
    8. You will be prompted for a password for your mail account, and a messenger mailbox will be opened for you. The only issue this may cause is that when this mailbox is opened all of your current mail will be copied to the machine on which you are currently operating. This may not be entirely convenient, because you may not want to read and respnd to your mail at this time. If this is the case you may forward all of the mail to yourself. Or, if you bring up the mailbox from the Communicator menu, it will not copy in your current mail.