Creating a Home Page on the VAX
Using your VAX account and Netscape Communicator
Setting Up your account. Publishing your Web Page. 
Editing your Page. Creating Links for your Page. 
Viewing your pages. Need to publish another paper ? 
Want to create an e-mail drop box? Debug-ing a published page

Setting Up your account.
a. Log onto the VAX
b. Edit the LOGIN.COM file. At the $ prompt type in
    Type in the following line. (Use all capital letters and include the $, this line must be typed in exactly or you will not be able to publish your pages)
    Use CTRL-Z to save this file.
c. At the $ prompt type
d. Log off the VAX.

Publishing your Web Page.
a. Open Netscape Page Composer. (you can open Netscape, click Communicator on the menu bar select Page composer)
b. Create your home page. (or use file/open to open a page you have already created on disk)
c. Begin your home page by just typing in your name, and what ever else you would like to enter.
    You can modify (edit) this page as often as you like later.
d. Click PUBLISH.
                Page title can be any relevant phrase. I would suggest WELCOME.
                Filename must be WELCOME.HTM
                Location must be
                Enter your VAX username.
                Enter your VAX password.
e. Click OK.
f.  Go into Netscape Navigator to view your page (see instructions below for viewing your page).
    If you can not view your page, go back to the setting up your account instructions and edit your
    LOGIN.COM file.  Most likely that one line is not typed in exactly as shown.

Editing your Page.
a. There are 2 ways to get to your page to edit it:
           1.  Look at your page in Netscape Navigator, click File, Edit Page this will open the page in page composer.
            2.  Open the page composer.
                 Click FILE.  Click OPEN PAGE.
                 Enter the URL of the page to be modified.
                    The filename would be welcome.htm if you are editing your home page.

b. Make any changes. Create links, insert images, insert tables, format, colors, etc...
c. Republish your page.

Creating Links while Editing your Page.
a. Select the text or image you want to create the link for.   (highlight it)
b. Choose INSERT, LINK or click the LINK BUTTON on the Composer toolbar.
c. Enter the URL or the filename to link to.
d. APPLY the link, OK.  (Don't forget to republish.)

Viewing your pages.
a. Get into Netscape.
b. Your home page location will be
c. You may need to use CTRL-RELOAD to view your most recent changes to your pages.

Need to publish a paper for one of your classes?
a. Create your home page.
b. Create a second, separate page for your paper. c. Modify your homepage,  so you can link from your home page to your paper.
    You will be linking to
        Another way of publishing a paper.  Use Winsock FTP to upload your paper.
Want to create an e-mail drop box?
a. Type in your e-mail address, or an image of a mail box, etc...
b. Select (highlight) it.
c. Use LINK. When it asks you to type in the link use

I'm sure you may still have some questions, please send any comments, or questions to or

 To debug (remove errors from) a web page, consider the following: UHAVAX HOME PAGE   JOAKES HOME PAGE

 Thanks to Lynne Wolak, Dave Kelley, and Carolyn Rosiene for their help.