Experience Intel Pentium III power for under $1000!

Ready 9950 P3 500MHz 8.4/64/32X/56K MT Windows 98

-->Ready 9950 P3 500MHz 8.4 GB 64MB RAM 32X CD-ROM 56K Modem MiniTower with Windows 98

The NEC Ready 9950 offers a new level of performance and technology for the power-hungry user. Thunderous 3D enhanced stereo sound and shockingly real 3D AGP graphics put you in the middle of the action.

NEC offers a comprehensive Internet and communications solution including a 56K capable modem for high-speed downloads and premium Internet productivity tools including NEC Direct Internet Access featuring a variety of special offers, Quicken(r) Online Financial Center plus TurboTax(r) Online, NEC Internet Learning Center, NEC Net Media Player Internet Radio, Planet Oasis, Virtual Community Of Tomorrow (V.C.O.T.), and NEC Internet Resource Center.

To put your hardware to good use, NEC provides a full complement of the best productivity software titles from Microsoft(r) and other leading publishers including Microsoft Word(r), Microsoft Works, Microsoft Encarta&ref; Encyclopedia, Microsoft Money, Intuit(r) Quicken(r) Basic, and MGI PhotoSuite.(tm) You'll also enjoy the latest in real-time strategy gaming with Microsoft Age of Empires. NEC's comprehensive customer support package includes CyberWarner(tm) and AntiVirus protection to prevent problems from happening in the first place and the NEC Support Center with EZ-Tools(tm) for quick and easy solutions to computing problems. When you're ready to upgrade your system, you'll be glad you've got an expandable mini-tower chassis.

The NEC Ready 9950--you've now got the performance advantage.

Key Features & Benefits

Processor Intel(r)Pentium(r) III Processor 500MHz Advanced processing power that takes multimedia to new levels of realism and makes the Internet come alive. 512 KB L2 Cache Special high-speed memory to accelerate the processor's access to data 100 MHz Host Bus Speed Speeds data transfer rates for enhanced performance

RAM 64 MB of 100 MHz SyncDRAM upgradable to 256 MB Provides superquick access to your programs

Hard Disk Drive 8.4 GB An enormous amount of space to handle your future storage needs

CD-ROM 32X Maximum, Variable speed CD-ROM Drive, up to 4800 KB/sec data transfer rate, 100 ms average access time, Kodak Multisession Photo CD Compatible Provides quick data access and program installation

Modem/Fax 56 Kbps-capable ITU V.90-compliant modem* The latest modem technology for fast connections and an enjoyable Internet experience 14.4 Kbps fax system Provides send and receive fax capabilities

WarrantyManufacturer's warranty