Special Tracks




Neural Networks

Special Track at
the 19th International FLAIRS Conference

In cooperation with the American Association for Artificial Intelligence

Holiday Inn - Melbourne Oceanfront
Melbourne Beach, Florida

May 11-13, 2006

Call for Papers (pdf format)

Papers are being solicited for a special track on Neural Network Applications at the 19th International FLAIRS Conference (FLAIRS-2006). The special track will be devoted to Neural Networks with the aim of presenting new and important contributions in this area. The areas include, but are not limited to, the following: applications such as Pattern Recognition, Control and Process Monitoring, Biomedical Applications, Robotics, Text Mining, Diagnostic Problems, Telecommunications, Power Systems, Signal Processing; algorithms such as new developments in Back Propagation, RBF, SVM, Ensemble Methods, Kernel Approaches; hybrid approaches such as Neural Networks/Genetic Algorithms, Neural Network/Expert Systems, Causal Nets trained with Backpropagation, and Neural Network/Fuzzy Logic; or any other area of Neural Network research which is related to artificial intelligence.

Submission Guidelines

Interested authors must submit completed manuscripts by November 21, 2005. Submissions should be no more than 6 pages (4000 words) in length, including figures, and contain no identifying reference to self or organization. Papers should be formatted according to AAAI Guidelines. Submission instructions can be found at FLAIRS-06 website at http:// www.indiana.edu/~flairs06. Notification of acceptance will be mailed around January 20, 2006. Authors of accepted papers will be expected to submit the final camera-ready copies of their full papers by February 13, 2006 for publication in the conference proceedings which will be published by AAAI Press. Authors may be invited to submit a revised copy of their paper to a special issue of the International Journal on Artificial Intelligence Tools (IJAIT). Questions regarding the track should be addressed to: David Bisant at bisant@umbc.edu.

FLAIRS 2006 Invited Speakers

  • Alan Bundy, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Bob Morris, NASA Ames Research Center, USA
  • Mehran Sahami, Stanford University and Google, USA
  • Barry Smyth, University College Dublin, Ireland

Important Dates

  • Paper submissions due: November 21, 2005
  • Notification letters sent: January 20, 2006
  • Camera ready copy due: February 13, 2006

Special Track Committee

Ingrid Russell (Co-Chair), University of Hartford, USA

David Bisant (Co-Chair), The Laboratory for Physical Sciences, USA

Georgios Anagnostopoulos, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Jim Austin, University of York, UK

Geof Barrows, Centeye Corporation, USA

Serge Dolenko,  Moscow State University, Russia

Erol Gelenbe, Imperial College London, UK

Michael Georgiopoulos, University of Central Florida, USA

Luis Martí, Univ. Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

Costas Neocleous, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Sergio Roa Ovalle, National University of Colombia, Columbia

Roberto Santana, University of the  Basque Country, Spain 

C. N. Schizas, University of Cyprus, Cyprus

Chellu Chandra Sekhar, Indian Institute of Technology, India


Further Information

Questions regarding the special track should be addressed to:
David Bisant at bisant@umbc.edu