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The following section describes the steps required to form and register a team in the Intramural (IM) program.

Where to Find a Team

Intramural teams are created through common bonds or associations at the University of Hartford. These bonds include:

  1. Friends
  2. Campus Organizations(clubs)
  3. Resident Halls
  4. Sororities and Fraternities
  5. Flyers and Advertisements
  6. IM Office

Individuals without a Team/ Free Agents

If you are not affiliated or do not have contact with any of the above, there are several options to become team member. The IM Office will assist in every way possible. The options are as follows:

  1. Contact the office and give your name, phone, email and desired sport.
  2. Attend the manager’s/ captain’s meeting, there will be a free agent roundup for captains to fill their rosters.
  3. Go to some IM games and ask around, be pro active. Schedules will be posted outside of the IM Office and (hopefully) on the web site.


Registration forms will be available for all Intramural activities. Regular office hours will be 11-6pm Monday- Friday. You are encouraged to register early, do not wait until the last minute.

  1. Obtain a registration form from the IM Office.
  2. Fill the registration form out completely.
  3. Bring in the completed registration by the specific deadline date and pay the entry fee.
  4. Attend the captain’s/manager’s meeting to pick up a league schedule, roster, rules and receive information on IM policies and procedures.
  5. *NEW* Online Registration. Click the "Events" link at the bottom of the page. Find the sport you wish to register for and click the online registration column. From there simply fill out the e-form and you will be registered for that event.


After the Captain’s/Manager’s meeting is over, late entries will be placed on a waiting list. There is no guarantee that the participant/team will be included in the league or tournament schedule. Late entries will be kept on file and included into the schedule when possible (based on time slots and availability). Sign up during the scheduled registration period to ensure your spot on the schedule.


Participation in IM Programs is voluntary. Some recreational sports activities can be quite strenuous, others are only moderately so. The health of individuals participating in the IM program is their responsibility. Physical examinations and physicians approvals are not required by the university in order to participate. However, it is strongly recommended that participants be aware of their own limitations.


The University of Hartford  Intramurals will not be held liable for injuries sustained by individuals participating in the IM Program. Any injuries or accidents occurring during intramurals should be reported immediately to on duty personnel. Participants with a health problem and/or on medication are urged to confidentially inform our staff of their specific situation. Anyone bleeding or having blood on their clothing will be prohibited from participation until appropriate measures have been administered.  All participants are advised to have proper medical coverage and accident insurance before participating. Part-time and graduate students must have insurance in order to participate in intramurals.  Accidents and injuries during IM contests are documented and kept on file.


It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that members of their team are eligible. Any questionable case should be brought to the IM Director so that an official ruling can be obtained. Rosters will be checked throughout the season.

1. Eligibility definitions and rules for participation in any IM event are as follows. All players must meet the following eligibility requirements:

2. UH Varsity Athletes are ineligible to compete in their sport or any related sports in the IM Program.I.e. current baseball players may not play baseball or softball).

3. Only one ex-varsity letter winner is eligible to be on an intramural team’s roster for each sport in which the

student lettered. This rule includes the holder of a varsity letter at a university or senior college other than the University of Hartford. This rule will not apply to ex-varsity athletes who graduated before September 1, 2007. (Ex-varsity refers to collegiate athlete not high school)

4. Any professional or elite athletes are ineligible to compete in that sport or its related sports.

5. A participant is not permitted to transfer from one team to another after participating in one scheduled game without authorization from the IM Director.


*** Sometimes there will be some strange or special circumstances that may come up. Keep in mind that the 

       IM Director will make the final decision regarding eligibility. ***