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Short Term Study Abroad Programs  

Winter & Summer Programs - 50% off UHA tuition!!

Register for a short-term study abroad program and spend 1-3 weeks abroad with a UH faculty member while you earn credit toward graduation. Surround yourself with another culture while exploring cities and communities with fellow UH students. Short-term programs are affordable, they enable students in many of our highly structured programs to study abroad and they are great for those who cannot go abroad for a full semester. Scholarships are available for all undergraduate short-term programs.

Take a look at these upcoming programs and contact Sarah Reuter O'Leary, 768-5101, GSU 327 with any questions you might have.

Click here for the Short Term Study Abroad Application

Click here for the Scholarship Information

Winter 2015: The Galapagos, Ecuador

Ecology, Community an Culture

December 31 – January 13, 2015




Choose 1 of the following 3 credit courses:

AUCC 190: Ecology, Community and Culture

SPA 300:  Intro to Hispanic Culture


Information Sessions:
Tuesday April 29, 12:30-1:30, A424


Earn three credits next January in one of the world’s most beautiful and biologically diverse locations. Students will spend two weeks off the coast of mainland Ecuador learning about the history, ecology, conservation, and unique community of the Galapagos Islands. Step into this natural “living laboratory” of evolution and learn about how tourism is both the greatest income and the greatest threat to the islands as you engage in field activities, discussions, and community service.

This program is open to all majors, earn AUCC or SPA 300 credit this winter!


Check out the blog entry from Galapagos 2013 Program Alumni Troy Hollihan! Hear about Troy's experience on the program, see his pictures and learn about the Galapagos highlights that he'll never forget! Click here!


Program fee: TBD includes 3 credits UH tuition, housing, site visits, meals and scheduled excursions.


*All listed fees are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until 10 deposits have been received. UH reserves the right to cancel the program if the required number of deposits have not been received by the deadline.


Scholarships are available!

All applications and program deposit of $1,000 are due October 1st and the full payment is due November 15th. Submit your program application to the International Center GSU 327.


For course information contact:

Professor Marco Cupolo at 860.768.4074,; or Sarah O’Leary at 860.768.5101,

Spring Break 2015: Italy


Discovering Creativity in Northern Italy


AUCA 140 (CRN: 20236)

This integrative course will provide students with a series of interactive experiences in various areas of artistic/creative endeavor, inspired by the magnificent cultural and natural environments of Milan and Lake Como. Leonardo da Vinci worked in Milan for 17 years and his legacy of beauty and innovation continues to make the area an ideal location to explore the creative and imaginative processes.

The goal is to encourage creativity to become a vital force in each student's life: to understand and cultivate one’s own creative abilities to enhance both professional and personal endeavors.  Active participation in class activities will enable students to recognize and develop defined creativity traits (e.g., sensitivity, flexibility, originality, playfulness, productivity, fluency, and analytical and organization skills) that can be integrated into all areas of human endeavor, artistic or otherwise. Assignments to be completed both during and after the program will enable students to reflect on and articulate the significance of their course experiences. 

While in Milan we will see "The Last Supper", visit the Milan Cathedral and climb up to the roof and look at the Swiss Alps, explore the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology and get a back stage tour of the LaScala Opera House. We will also spend time at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (check that out in the Powerpoint, it's amazing) to poke around, eat and shop. The Galleria houses the fashion industry, a Ferrari showroom but also has the Gap and Banana Republic. We will also visit a fashion house. The trip is a combination of art and architecture, all settled in one of the best cities of the fashion industry. Before we head to Lake Como we will have a culinary experience with a chef that will teach us the art of Italian cooking and our goal is to eat our creation! After arriving in Lake Como we will enjoy a photography session and the local flavors and peacefulness of its surroundings, it's one of the most beautiful lakes in all of Italy. We will take a ferry to Bellagio and visit a silk making industry that they are known for. After spending a few days in this natural environment we will head back to Milan. Once everyone signs up we will get together to have the opportunity to know each other before we leave, we have an Italian dinner planned for this! Join us for this amazing program, a combination of Italy's trendiest city and its most beautiful waters!!

This 3 credit course includes 3 credits UHA tuition, housing, in-country transportation, scheduled excursions and some group meals. Price is TBD.

*All listed fees are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until 10 deposits have been received. UH reserves the right to cancel the program if the required number of deposits have not been received by the deadline.


Click here for the Power Point Demo

Scholarships are available.

Applications and program deposit of $1,000 are due by December 1st and the full payment is due Feb 1st. Submit your program application to the International Center GSU 327

For course information contact:
Ms. Paula Anderson or Ms. M.J. Moriarty


Spring Break 2015: Italy

  Travel and Art in Sicily

SAB 310

This is a spring semester course based on campus at UH with an international travel component in Sicily during Spring Break 2014.

This travel and art in Sicily course is offered each spring by the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford.  Students accepted in the program will meet each week to study the fundamentals of making their art while traveling, including methods of quick ‘note-taking’ sketches as the means to gather visual information while traveling. This pre-travel study period prepares students to hone their skills, while gathering together to study travel issues, cultural issues, and basic Italian language they will confront in Sicily. Pre-travel classes will focus on developing these two aspects of the course.

Students will study painters & photographers from mid-nineteenth century to the present, artists who themselves traveled and worked outside their studio environment. Assignments will focus on the techniques necessary for making work while traveling. In addition, students will be pushed to always consider the context for their images, including the way that their vision can highlight unique aspects of this exotic place. Watercolor and pencil sketching will be emphasized, however students may work in any sketching format and with any materials of their choice.

During the spring break, we will join the University of Massachusetts program in Travel Writing and Photojournalism and together tour throughout Sicily accompanied by professional guides. We spend our days making photographs, sketching, drawing, painting, and gathering reference of the people and the unique landscape.

Upon return, students from both courses will complete a series of final work as their personal response to their travel experience. These works, along with other studies, are exhibited in the Silpe Gallery at the Hartford Art School during the following fall semester.

Enrollment is open to all students and students from all majors are encouraged to apply. Enrollment (10 maximum) will be based upon: application essay, G.P.A., and a Portfolio Review of 10 pieces of your best work.

Travel fee is TBD and includes airfare, all hotels and ground transportation, professional tour guides, breakfast and dinner each day, and 4 gourmet Sicilian cuisine special event lunches.

For more information on this course click here or Contact Jeremiah Patterson at, 768-4783

Spring Break 2015: Germany


Pathways to Sustainability: A US and European Perspective

Spring Semester Course with Spring Break Trip to Germany


 ES 393 – A professional elective open to all Junior and Senior Engineering Students
(open to other students with permission of the instructor)

This spring semester course will teach junior and senior students the general principles of sustainability, the engineering fundamentals of renewable energy sources, energy infrastructure in New England and Germany, and the policies and incentives that need to be in place to make these viable alternatives to traditional energy resources.  It will be co-taught by three faculty members so the students will gain a better understanding of the multi-discipline nature of this very critical global issue.  Furthermore, guest speakers will be invited to cover the social, policy, and financial aspects that need to be considered in evaluating the sustainability of the alternative energy resources.  An integral part of the course will be to visit renewable energy installations in both Connecticut and Germany.  Seeing first-hand and learning from the designers and owners of these systems will provide a unique perspective to similarities and differences between how the US (i.e., Connecticut) and Germany are reducing their dependence on fossil fuels. The course will also include a group project where students will develop creative and innovative ways to further promote and/or develop sustainable energy resources.     

Estimated cost is TBD including travel, housing, and most meals

Registration and deposit of $1000 is due by November 1 and full payment is due December 1

For more information contact:

Professors Dr. Filburn, Dr. Pines, or Dr. Yavuzturk

Spring Break 2015: Bermuda

International Business in Bermuda

IB 310 or 610

Students will meet with heads of major international insurance companies, banks, and governmental representatives who will hold presentations about the internal workings of their corporations and the work they do. Students are given the opportunity to network with these titans in the industry over lunch and different events. Students are also invited to step out of their role of business consultants and into the role of counselors for the youth during a community outreach project. Evenings are free to explore the island and its’ diverse array of nightlife options. On the weekend students cherish the opportunity to discover the dazzling pink sand and shimmering turquoise water beaches enjoying the swimming and warm sun. Conducting international business never felt so good!

Classes will meet before and after spring break.
Class Dates: TBD
International Travel Component: TBD

Estimated expenses, tuition billed separately:

With airfare: Single Room- TBD Double Room- TBD Triple Room- TBD

Without airfare: Single Room- TBD Double Room- TBD Triple Room- TBD

Applications and program deposit of $1,000 are due by December 15th. Submit your program application to the International Center GSU 327.

For more details contact: Annette Rogers,

Spring 2015: London


Financial Markets and Service Marketing

 Open to undergraduates for IB 310 (CRN: 17944) and graduates IB 610 (17945) (3 credits)

This course takes place during the 2nd half of spring semester. The course will meet several Fridays on campus and finish with a week-long travel component to London in May.
 - Class Dates: TBD
 - One week in London: TBD

Students will explore the current environment, opportunities, and conflicts facing multinational enterprises. Major topics will include cultural, political, and economic dimensions of international business; financial aspects of foreign operations; market entry strategies; and functional management of the multinational corporation.

Financial services such as retail banking, accounting, real estate and insurance among others constitute approximately 20% of the US economy.  The globalization of financial service brands has been a crucial facilitator of World economic growth over the past 20 years. The main assumption of this course is that financial services require a distinctive approach to developing and executing marketing strategy. To this end the course emphasizes the evaluation of service quality and satisfaction of financial services.  The course also addresses how financial services build and position their brands through relationship marketing strategies and brand positioning strategies.

This 3 credit course includes a travel component to London in May. The program includes housing, meal plan, subway pass, some dinners, company visits and scheduled excursions. Students will live at Regent’s College located in the scenic Regent’s Park. Click here for a video of this beautiful campus right in the heart of London. . Airfare not included.

Undergraduates: Enroll in 3 credits during the spring semester and pay a TBD international travel component for this program. The travel fee and airfare can be included in your cost of attendance for the spring for financial aid. Scholarships are available for undergraduate students.

Graduates: 50% off MBA tuition! Register for a 3 credit MBA course during the spring semester which includes the travel component TBD.

 *All listed fees are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until 10 deposits have been received. UH reserves the right to cancel the program if the required number of deposits have not been received by the deadline.

Applications and program deposit of $1,000 are due by January 15th and the full payment is due March 15th. Submit your program application to the International Center GSU 327.

For course information contact:

Professors Dr. Susan Coleman, 768-4690 or Dr. Devon Johnson, 768-4974



Summer 2015: London

First Year London Experience

(University Studies 190 1 credit)

Check out the blog entry from FYL 2013 Program Alumni Becca Hanlon! Hear about Becca's experience on the program, see her pictures and learn about the London highlights that she'll never forget! Click here!

Finish your freshman year with the First Year London Experience. This program offers University of Hartford students who have successfully completed their freshman year with the opportunity to participate in this 1-credit international experience. Spend one week exploring the endlessly fascinating city of London with a group of fellow freshman while forging lasting friendships that will return with you your sophomore year.

Students will go beyond being tourists as they gain insight into the differences in British and American culture, experience the theater and arts scene of London, and learn about the many multicultural layers of the city from local experts. This program provides freshman with an enriching international experience and imparts them with the curiosity, confidence and know how to undertake a more extensive study abroad experience later in their college career.

Situated in idyllic Regent’s Park, the program is hosted by our partner Regent’s College in London. This ideal location is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Students are just steps from the shops and cafes of famous Marylebone High Street as well as the Baker Street tube stop. On campus, students are housed in clean double or triple rooms with wireless access and a TV lounge. You can also enjoy the excellent cafes, good sporting facilities and beautiful grounds of Regent’s College.

This program was designed to be affordable and as all-inclusive as possible so students will not need to budget a large amount of additional money beyond personal expenses. Students are provided with a meal plan stipend for meals taken at Regent’s College as well as an Oyster Card that can be used for all buses and trains in zones 1-2 London. International airfare from New York, scheduled lectures, 1 UHA credit, tours and excursions are also included.  

The First Year London Experience May 23-31, 2015 is priced at TBD. Due to fluctuating exchange rates and airlines prices, a firm cost will be set in December 2015. Upon acceptance to the program, students must pay a $1,000 deposit.

First year students who have successfully completed their fall semester are encouraged to apply by March 1st during spring semester. Students must have full-time matriculated status and be in good academic, judicial and financial standing (at time of application and departure) with the intention of continuing studies at University of Hartford.

Click here for the application

Click here for our PowerPoint demo

For more information contact:

Sarah Reuter O'Leary, 768-5101 or


Spring/ Summer 2015: Paris

International Business


 IB 310 (CRN: 22771) or 610 (CRN: 22744)

This spring semester class will concentrate on the business, social and economic climate in Europe, particularly France and culminate with a one week trip to Paris. The travel component is from May 24- June 1 and will include presentations in Paris at the U.S. Embassy, the International Finance Corporation and The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as well as presentations by Barney School alumni.  Additionally there will be a day trip to Brussels for presentations at the European Union Parliament and the U.S. Mission to the EU as well as a day trip to Epernay and Reims for presentations by the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (champagne cooperative) and a tour of the oldest Maison du Champagne in Reims and a tour of the cathedral of Notre Dame in Reims.  Optional weekend tours within Paris will be conducted by the instructor Professor Generas.

Students can register for IB 310 (CRN 22771) or IB 610 for Spring 2015.

The course is open with permission of the instructor to MBA students and all junior and senior standing undergraduate students with a GPA of 3.0 of better and who have had at least one economics course.

 Travel fee is TBD which includes hotel accommodation, breakfast and lunch, metro pass, scheduled excursions, events and company visits. Airfare, dinners and personal expenses not included.

Undergraduate students pay only the TBD travel fee for the course, the 3 credits for IB 310 are part of your full-time tuition. Scholarships are available!

Graduate students pay the TBD travel fee + MBA tuition for IB 610.

 Students must apply and pay the $1,000 deposit by February 15, full payment is due May 1.

For more information contact Professor George Generas at or (860)768-4578.

Summer 2015: Amsterdam

Contemporary Dance in the Netherlands



Non-credit class

Students will spend two weeks in one of the most vibrant countries of Europe to study contemporary dance. Train under exceptional dancers from the Henny Juriens Stichting, an internationally recognized center for contemporary dance. Enjoy the famous Summer Festival of International Contemporary Dance in Amsterdam.

Students can select from two program options:

Full Version: Unlimited classes and workshops for 2 weeks + housing : TBD
Light version: Unlimited classes and 12 workshop segments + housing : TBD (extra workshop segments cost 40 euros each, paid directly upon arrival)

Additional Costs: $45 for Required MEDEX Emergency Medical Assistance Policy

Students are responsible for their own airfare arrangements, meals and personal expenses.

*All listed fees are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed until the deposit date March 1st.


Submit your application to the International Center GSU 327.

March 1st - Completed application and deposit due.

April 1st - Final program balance due.

Step 1- Interested students should submit their $1,000 program deposit through Self-Service Center or SASC, detailed instructions are on the application. Students will be fully refunded if they are not accepted into the program.

Step 2- Students should then submit a completed Study Abroad Application and Essay to Stephen Pier at 860-768-2477 or


For more information about Study Abroad Programs available to you, please contact:

Sarah Reuter O'Leary
The International Center

Susan Carey
Assistant Director for Study Abroad


Office hours: 8:30 to 4:30

Monday thru Friday

Gengras Student union, room 327


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