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What's the Scoop?


Finish your freshman year with the First Year London Experience. This program offers University of Hartford students who have successfully completed their freshman year with the opportunity to participate in this one-credit international experience. Spend one week exploring the endlessly fascinating city of London with a group of fellow freshman while forging lasting friendships that will return with you your sophomore year. This program will expose students to another culture and will encourage them to explore the world outside of the United States. By partnering with Regent’s College in London students will go beyond being tourists; they will gain insight into the differences in British and American culture, experience the theater and arts scene of London, and learn about the many multicultural layers of the city from local experts. This program provides freshman with an enriching international experience and imparts them with the curiosity, confidence and know how to undertake a more extensive study abroad experience later in their college career.


Check out the blog entry from FYL 2013 Program Alumni Becca Hanlon! Hear about Becca's experience on the program, see her pictures and learn about the London highlights that she'll never forget! Click here!


London Calling


Big Ben, double-decker buses, Buckingham Palace and the River Thames are some of the reasons why London is the perfect spot for our First Year Experience. It is a vibrant European city that is home to 7 million people from every corner of the globe. This world capital is packed with culture, history, entertainment, and the arts. Students will experience all the city has to offer while navigating the Tube: London’s underground subway system, exploring museums, markets and neighborhoods and soaking up some of the finest theater in the world. As an English speaking destination, making your way around the city and interacting with locals is easy and fun! You will be surprised with how much you will be able to see and do in one week.


Regent’s College



Situated in scenic Regent’s Park, the program is hosted by our partner Regent’s College in London. This ideal location is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the bustling city. Students are just steps from the shops and cafes of famous Marylebone High Street as well as the Baker Street tube stop. On campus, students are housed in clean double or triple rooms with wireless access and a TV lounge. You can also enjoy the excellent cafes, good sporting facilities and beautiful grounds of Regent’s College.


Students will be housed in Regent’s College offers two on-campus accommodations Reid Hall and Oliver Hall. Reid Hall is the stately north wing of Regent’s College looking out over the lake and park that surround the campus, housing 220 students. The level of security at the Halls of Residence offers peace of mind to students and parents. A college representative is on duty at the front desk 24 hours a day and you will have keys to both the main door and your own room. Students will be housed in doubles or triples.




First year students who have successfully completed their fall semester are encouraged to apply by March 1st during spring semester. Students must have full-time matriculated status and be in good academic, judicial and financial standing (at time of application and departure) with the intention of continuing studies at University of Hartford. *Students must be 18 by the start date of the program to be eligible to participate. Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2014. All students meeting the minimum program requirements will be invited for a brief interview.


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Sarah Reuter O'leary is the Director of International Studies at University of Hartford. She manages the First Year London Experience and is responsible for the admission, coordination and onsite administration of the program. If you have questions about the program, contact her at 860-768-5101 or The program will be led by Sarah Reuter O'leary and another University of Hartford staff member in London.




This program was designed to be affordable and as all-inclusive as possible so students will not need to budget a large amount of additional money beyond personal expenses. Students are provided with a meal plan stipend for meals taken at Regent’s College as well as an Oyster Card that can be used for all buses and trains in zones 1-2 London. Also included are 1 UHA credit in University Studies 190, international group airfare from New York, scheduled lectures, tours and excursions. The First Year London Experience for May 23-May31, 2014 is priced at $2,400. Due to fluctuating exchange rates and airlines prices, a firm cost will be set in December 2013.


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