Template Download

Macintosh: The Macintosh file can be expanded with Stuffit, which is now part of Netscape Communicator. The file is self-extracting. All you need to do is to double-click the file "syllabus.sea" -- it will open with a folder full of the files you will need. You may also download Stuffit from Download Depot.

Windows: The Windows file, "syllabus.zip" can be expanded with either Unstuffit or PKZIP, both of which you may download from Download Depot.

Once you have downloaded the file, click here.

If you have problems with either the Macintosh or Windows compressed files, you can download the template with the following instructions:

TO DOWNLOAD THE template to your disk and modify it for your own use, it will be necessary to download the several frames that make up the template. If you do not have Netscape Communicator, click on the button on the left to get it free. Also, it would probably be easier if you first printed this page to your printer.

 Step 1: Click the link for Frame 1 below and save to your computer. From the File Menu in Navigator, select Save as.... and the name it syllabus.htm as indicated in in red. You will need to save the files all to the same folder or the desktop.

Frame 1: syllabus.htm

This will save the Frame set page. You will not see this page since its job is to organize the other pages and frames. For the other files that make up the frame set, you need a slightly different tactic.

Step 2: Use Netscape Composer that is part of Netscape Communicator. Below are links that will open a separate window with each frame for the set. Just click on the Frame links beginning with Frame 2 to get started. When the window opens, all you have to do is to click the File Menu and select Edit page. That will open the page in Netscape Composer. Once in Composer save each to the same folder or desktop using the name supplied in red. From the File Menu select Save As... to save the file to your computer being careful to use the appropriate name. All of the graphic files will be downloaded when you save the page.

Frame 2: text.htm
Frame 3: title.htm
Frame 4: column.htm

Frame 5: req.html


When you have all of the files on your disk drive, you should makes copies of the folder. Make one copy of the folder for each course you wish to create a Web syllabus. For example, you may have three courses, Astrology101, 201 and 220. Simply name the folders Astrology101, Astrology201, and Astrology220. Be careful not to leave any spaces in the names you give the folders or files. It may be okay for your Mac or PC files, but the server needs names without spaces. Leave all files names alone. You will be changing the contents of the files indicated below, but you leave the names alone.

Once you have saved them all, you can edit them from the disk to include the materials for your class. Only edit these files:

If you edit the other files, you may knock the frameset out of kilter. Do not change the names of any files. Only change the name of the folders!

When you edit the files, be sure to leave the anchors [targets] and graphics [except the graphic in the title.htm file.] Where they are. Just change the content materials for your course. Once you have downloaded everything, make copies for each course you have prior to beginning. If you have questions, send an e-mail to Bill Sanders or call 768-4502.

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