SYB 111
Social Problems
Fall 02
Renwick C. Griswold
Office: H 137 D
hours: TR 11:30-1:30, MWF 10:30-12:30

This is a service learning format class. You are required to perform 24 hours of community service with Educational Main Street, the Saturday Science Sampler,the Multi-Cultural Center, the Center for Community Service, etc.. You may also select another approved site. You are  required to write one reflexive email paper per week based on your service learning experience.. You must also  write a term research paper explicating a contemporary social problem.  The focus of this class is social action based, active learning strategies will be developed to address social problems in the "real world".  Required activities include:  Hog River Cleanup, Homeless Sleepout and two projects developed through group consensus.

Grades will be based on class participation, exam performance, service learning evaluations, group project participation and overall effort and attitude.

Critical dates:

9/19   Service Learning Contract due

9/26  Term paper topic due

9/26    Homeless Sleepout

10/8    Term paper bibliography due. (No sources earlier than 1997.)

10/15    Midterm exam

10/17      Hog River Cleanup

10/24    Term paper thesis statement due

10/26     Make a Difference Day Project due

11/21       Term paper due

12/?      Final  class project due

Text:   The Hartford Courant (student rate available)  You must bring the paper to class.

More than 3 unexcused absences will result in penalties up to an includind dismissal from class. Also note that weekly email assignments are mandatory and failure to comply with this requirement will also result in negative student outcomes.