About The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies

The Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies is devoted to teaching and original research in Judaic Studies from the Biblical to the modern periods. Faculty from around the world have created programs that are diverse and stimulating to the student body.

Founded in 1985 by a major endowment, the Center offers you an opportunity to choose from a rich array of exciting classes in six different areas: History, Bible, Jewish Law and Literature, Hebrew and Yiddish.

You may select one of three contract majors: Judaic Studies, pre-cantorial studies, or Jewish education (an integrated, dual major in Elementary Education and Judaic Studies). Contract majors are customized concentrations under the direct supervision of senior faculty. Although course requirements may vary among majors, each program within the Center offers you:

  • An experienced faculty of recognized scholars who are committed to personal student advising and development
  • Small class sizes with ample access to your teachers and the Center's resources
  • A balanced emphasis incorporating superior study of the liberal arts and professional training

At the Greenberg Center, you will excavate the Biblical past through texts and archaeology, debate Talmudic scholars, delve into Holocaust studies, master Yiddish or Hebrew or both, discover the beauty of teaching what you have learned, explore Jewish life in America--the opportunities are endless.

By studying the past, you will gain a better understanding of the present and be prepared to face the challenges of the future.

The Center offers a wide range of educational options. Regardless of the major you choose, you will be assured of a quality program that prepares you today to be a leader of tomorrow.

Major in Judaic Studies

What You Will Study. For students interested in garnering a deep understanding of Judaic studies, the Greenberg Center offers a major in the College of Arts and Sciences. You will choose from more than twenty primary courses, ranging from Jewish history to Bible, to Hebrew and Yiddish language and literature, to contemporary topics such as Christian-Jewish relations, the Holocaust, and Arab-Israeli relations.

Where You Will Work. After you complete your degree, you will be qualified to enter graduate schools in Judaic studies or pursue professional training for the rabbinate or other roles of religious leadership. The field of Judaic studies is expanding both in scope and career opportunities and you will be at the forefront of this exciting development. If you choose not to pursue a career in Judaic studies, you will find that your background will prepare you for law, social work, Jewish communal service, psychology, and communications among other fields.

Double Major in Education and Judaic Studies
Dual Credentials for a Career as a Teacher of Jewish and General Studies:

What You Will Study. In partnership with the Division of Education in the College of Education, Nursing and Health Professions, the Greenberg Center offers this innovative program. In addition to the courses in Judaic Studies, you will take a full course load in elementary education, special education, or early childhood.

Where You Will Work. With teaching jobs at a premium, you will receive dual credentials: completion of all requirements for state certification as a teacher for public and private schools and eligibility for licensure as a teacher of Judaic studies by the National Board of License. As after-school religious programs and day schools grow, teachers of Judaic studies will be in greater demand to fill positions. You will possess the optimal credentials to enter this vital career in education.

Pre-Cantorial Contract Major

What You Will Study. All courses available to majors in Judaic Studies are open to you as a pre-cantorial student. In addition to these courses, you will have the opportunity to study music, voice and other academic subjects offered by the University of Hartford's Hartt School. The Hartt School has long been considered one of the premier music schools in the country. Pre-cantorial students must be accepted both by the Hartt School and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Where You Will Work. Once you have graduate, you will be a choice candidate for any of the fine post-graduate programs in the United States and Israel. Cantors are in great demand throughout the country, both on a part-time and full-time basis. Many cantors have dual careers in opera and the cantorate.


What You Will Study. If you are interested in Judaic studies but do not wish to major in the field, the Center offers you the opportunity to minor in Judaic Studies. You will take six carefully chosen courses and will receive an addition to your degree which can be used for career or personal growth.

Expand your horizons by studying abroad. Spend a summer, semester, or a year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in a program overseen by the Greenberg Center. For financial support, you may have an opportunity to receive the University of Hartford's Trachtenberg Scholarship. You may also study at Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion, Bar-Ilan, and the University of Haifa or at England's Oxford University.

Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, Dead Sea Scrolls expert Lawrence Schiffman, Churchill biographer and Holocaust historian Martin Gilbert, and journalist and Harvard Scholar Marvin Kalb are but a few of the world-renowned visiting scholars who have presented the dozen or more lectures and symposia which the Greenberg Center sponsors annually.


Master of Arts in Judaic Studies
Based on a Greenberg Center proposal, plans are under way for a Master of Arts in Judaic Studies granted by the University of Connecticut in a consortial arrangement with the University of Hartford. The first classes began in 1995 and state approval is almost complete.

The University of Hartford's Hillel Foundation works to provide a warm community for the many Jewish students. A Kosher meal plan, religious services, social programs, and gatherings where students deal with contemporary issues are all offered by Hillel. In addition to the programs of Hillel and the Greenberg Center, you will have an opportunity to take part in the vibrant Greater Hartford Jewish community. Situated near the campus are some ten synagogues of all traditions, two religious day schools, the Greater Hartford Jewish Community Center with a Kosher restaurant, and the Hebrew Home and Hospital. You can take advantage of the University's unique location and volunteer or work at any of the numerous extra-curricular programs.

Volunteer . . . Teach . . . Grow

We invite you to visit the Greenberg Center, to sit in on some classes and to ask us questions about what we do here and why we do it. To schedule a visit or to get more information about the Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies at the University of Hartford, please contact:

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