Introduction to Geospatial Analysis

Spring 1997

Midterm Examination

In the spirit of experiential learning, we have decided to make your midterm examination a hands-on exercise. For the midterm you will conduct Idrisi for Windows Tutorial Exercises 11 and 12 on Image Exploration and Supervised Classification, respectively. These two exercises will provide you with a fuller understanding of quantitative remote sensing and on the extraction of land cover information from Landsat Thematic Mapper data. In addition to the suggested reading on Introduction to Remote Sensing and Image Processing in the Idrisi for Windows Student Workbook, you might wish to refer to the following for further information on the concepts, principles, and practices of quantitative remote sensing:

For Tutorial Exercise 11 on Image Exploration, answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Additionally, use the Idrisi COMPOSIT operation to create a false-color composite of TM Bands 4, 3, and 2 in red-green-blue, respectively, using a linear contrast enhancement with a 2.5% saturation. This will produce a color infrared-like image. Using any technique available to you, produce a color hardcopy of this image.

For Tutorial Exercise 12 on Supervised Classification, answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Also, create a single graphic portraying a three-band color composite of the HOW87 TM image and the maps of your five different classifications (two variations of the minimum Euclidean distance approach, two variations of the parallelpiped approach, and the single maximum likelihood results. You can EXPORT the respective images into graphics formats such as either BMP or TIF and use a desktop publishing/graphics software package, such as Paint Shop Pro, PowerPoint, Paint, Adobe, Corel, or others, to create a color hardcopy. This color hardcopy should have a title, color-coded legend, the six images (TM image and five classification maps), captions for each of the graphics, and other annotation that you believe describes the content.

Submit your answers to the questions and your graphics in hardcopy form to your respective instructor by 10:00 AM on Friday, March 28, 1997.


You might wish to consider creating and using similar composites for Tutorial Exercise 12, perhaps Bands 4,5,3 in R-G-B, to assist in the selection of supervised training sites.