Homework Assignment for Lecture 2


Go to http://www.trimble.com/gps/ and read the sections on "How GPS Works" , then answer the following questions in the space provided. Be sure to submit your answers after you finish and keep a copy for your files.



What are the five logical steps of how GPS works?


What is a PRC?


Why are PRC's so complex?


What is an atomic clock?

What is the "trick" used that make a receiverís clock very accurate?


What is Universal Time?


What are the functions of the ground stations?


What does the Air Force use to calculate each satellite's exact altitude, position and speed?


Multi-path error is caused by .


Explain what causes GDOP.


Of all errors, which is the largest? Why is this error present?



If this form, for some reason, does not work, submit your Word- formatted answers by way of e-mail to: