Fall 2002

General Information


This mini-course was offered for the first time in the Fall 1998 semester as part of CE 250 "Introduction to Surveying and Geographic Information Systems". It was the first new course associated with the CE 2000 curriculum - an extensively revised Civil Engineering curriculum at the University of Hartford. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology is rapidly expanding into most areas of Civil Engineering - a fact recognized as one of the major reasons behind the development of the new curriculum. As a major part of CE 2000, GIS principals will be incorporated into several courses such as Transportation Engineering, Water resources Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Water Quality Engineering.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a collateral and complimenting technology to GIS. Both technologies are recognized as parts of the general technology area of Geospatial Analysis. Hardware and software developments are bringing the applications of the two technologies together so that common data generated (usually by GPS) can easily be incorporated into GIS analyses.

This mini-course is completely presented on this web site. Readings, comparable to traditional textbooks, will be located here and at directed web sites. At the end of chapters or modules, homework questions will be found here. Answers to these questions will be typed in at a designated text box and at the end of the questions for a given module, submitted automatically via e-mail. There are also laboratory exercises and projects that are related to the homework assignments. The exercises and projects are also located here and will be completed in a manner similar to the homework assignments. To ascertain how final grades for this min-course are determined, check Grading Policy.

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