Laboratory Series


Reference: "The Global Positioning System and GIS, An Introduction", Michael Kennedy, Ann Arbor Press, 1996, Part 2, ISBN 1-57504-017-4.

Lab Number

Topics Covered

You will learn how to:

  • Operate the GeoExplorer II Unit.
  • Set up the GeoExplorer II to collect data.
  • Acquire data in the field.
  • Transfer file data from the GeoExplorer II to the PC.
  • Display the data.
  • Differentially Correct the Data
  • Average the points recorded in Laboratory Exercise 1, and corrected in Laboratory Exercise 2.
  • Compare the average point with the "exact" value provided by the instructor.

  • Record "In Feature" position data.
  • Record attribute (GIS type) data.
  • Differentially correct the "In Feature" data point.
  • Note discrepancies, if any.


  • Record GPS points on a path.
  • Export a GPS file for ArcView GIS.
  • Compare GPS path with GIS Map.
  • Note discrepancies, if any.