Laboratory Exercise 5

Intergrating GPS Data with ArcView GIS

Reference "The Global Positioning System and GIS, An Introduction", Michael Kennedy, Ann Arbor Press, 1996, Part 2, ISBN 1-57504-017-4.


This laboratory consists of an introduction to the use of the Trimble,s GeoExplorer II mapping system consisting of a pocket sized GPS data collector and Pathfinder Office - GPS processing software.

In this exercise, you will learn how to acquire data points using a moving GeoExplorer II unit and then transferring the corrected GPS data to ArcView as new theme in an existing view.

For more information on these concepts, refer to the Trimble site.


A. Preparations Inside.

B. Data Collection in the Field.

C. GPS Data Processing.

Importing GPS Data into ArcView



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How many points were actually collected, as compared with the number expected? Document the log rate and number of points taken calculations.

How much error (distance) is there between the GPS data for a point and the base map location of the point? Choose points easily discernible like an intersection. Is there a pattern to the error?

Comment on the accuracy of the GPS data as compared to the base map. If there are discrepancies, give possible reasons.

If there were discrepancies, how would you re-run the experiment to minimize them?

If this from for some reason does not work, submit your answers by way of e-mail to the address below. Be sure keep a copy of the report for your own records and to submit a copy of your map to the instructor.