Laboratory Exercise 1

Acquiring Data in the Field


"The Global Positioning System and GIS, An Introduction", Michael Kennedy, Ann Arbor Press, 1996, Part 2, ISBN 1-57504-017-4.


This laboratory consists of an introduction to the use of the Trimble's GeoExplorer II mapping system consisting of a pocket sized GPS data collector and Pathfinder Office - GPS processing software.

In this exercise, you will learn the basics of obtaining GPS field data using the GeoExplorer II. You will become familiar with GeoExplorer II menu options, how to set up the unit for data gathering, and then how to acquire data in the field.

For more information on these concepts, refer to the Trimble website.


With the supervision of your instructor, or lab coordinator, checkout the GeoExplorer II, being sure that the battery is fully charged and connected to the GeoExplorer II. To move between menus, use the ESC key to move up the menu chain, and the CMD key (the one in the center with the yellow diamond) to move down the menu chain Use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to change numeric information.


Before going into the field, set the collection parameters as follows:



Report Format

Transcribe your hand entries in the log, using WORD or equivalent word processing software. Be sure to include the names of all group members. Keep the WORD report for your records. Submit report via e-mail