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This exercise consists of two tutorials, numbers 1 and 2, from the for Idrisi Windows Student Manual. The first of these two, The Idrisi for Windows Environment, describes the database paths and file management system and tools used by the Idrisi GIS software. The second, The Display System, addresses basic raster and vector spatial data visualization, as well as orthographic or 3-dimensional displays. These two introductory exercises provide the essential elements for understanding how data are stored, maintained, and displayed in the Idrisi system. For more information on these concepts, refer to the Idrisi Tutorial on WWW at:

    and to the On-line Help available within the Idrisi software itself.


    With the supervision of your instructor or lab coordinator, use the Idrisi for Windows software to carry-out the directions for Tutorials 1 and 2 in the Student Manual.


    The data for these two tutorials are located in the Idrisi for Windows sample exercise data directory, typically C:\EXERCISE. The path may vary from PC to PC, so check with the instructor or lab coordinator.

    Report Format

    There is no written report required for Tutorial 1.

    For Tutorial 2, on Display System, answer questions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Prepare your answers in Microsoft Word format. Produce a printed copy of your answers for your records.

    Challenge Problem

    As a challenge problem, produce an orthographic display of NJOLODEM overlain with NJOLOFC, which is a SPOT satellite false-color composite image. Use 400 by 300 as an output resolution size. Save the displayed image to the Windows Clipboard, and then use a graphics software package of your choice (Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop, for example) to paste the image from the clipboard. Save the image in a GIF format, naming it something like DEMFCC.GIF, for instance. Send to the following addresses below.

    File Final Report

    For University of Hartford students, submit your Word-formatted answers and GIF image by way of e-mail to:

    For students at UConn, submit your Word-formatted answers and GIF image to:

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