Fall 2004


Syllabus - Laboratories


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Reference: "Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop"


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Sept. 6

Sept. 6

Exploring ArcMap
Chapter 3
         Displaying map data
         Navigating a map
  • Looking at feature attributes
Exploring ArcCatalog
Chapter 4


  • Browsing map data
  • Searching for map data
  • Adding data to ArcMap
Symbolizing Features and Rasters
Chapter 5
         Changing symbology
         Symbolizing features by categorical attributes
         Using styles and creating layer files
         Symbolizing rasters
Sept. 6

Sept. 6

Classifying Features and Rasters
Chapter 6


  • Classifying features by standard methods
  • Classifying features manually
  • Mapping density
  • Using graduated and chart symbols
Labeling  Features
Chapter 7


  • Using dynamic Labels
  • Setting rules for placing labels
  • Using interactive labels and creating annotation
Querying Data
Chapter 8
         Identifying, selecting, finding and hyperlinking features
         Selecting features by attribute
         Creating reports
Sept. 6

Sept. 6

Selecting Features by Location
Chapter 10


         Using location queries
         Combining attribute and location queries


Preparing Data for Analysis
Chapter 11


         Dissolving features
         Creating graphs
         Clipping layers
         Exporting data


Analyzing Spatial Data
Chapter 12


         Buffering futures
         Overlaying data
         Calculating attribute values
Sept. 6

Sept. 6

Projecting Data in ArcMap
Chapter 13


         Projecting data for display
         Defining a projection
Editing Features and Attributes
Chapter 16


         Deleting and Modifying Features
         Splitting and Merging Features
         Editing Feature Attribute Values
Making Maps Quickly
Chapter 18


         Opening a map template
         Adding x,y data to a map
         Drawing graphics on a map
         Using Geography Network with ArcMap
Sept. 6


Background Article

  • Defining the Problem
  • Using Third Party Data
  • Prepare Base Maps
  • Constructing a Cartographic Model

Sept. 6

Report Writing Instructions
         Applying Data Management Techniques
         Applying Data Analysis Techniques
         Predicting Population Growth
         Writing Final Report

                            * Start date suggested - due date required.