Fall 2004

Grading Policy - Assessment

The assessment of a student's work will be based on the following criteria:

Final GIS Grade: 3.0(0.7) + 4(0.3) 0 = 3.3   = B +

Working in Groups:

You may work in groups (no more than three students to a group) to complete the labs and/or the term project, and submit one report for the group. While the report must be submitted by one group member, the names of all group members must appear on the report. In an ideal world, all group members will participate equally (all group members work on each exercise or section, rather than each member taking a different section and merging their work into a final report) in preparing and writing the lab or term project report. Therefore, grading of such a group report will be more stringent than an individually submitted report, under the theory that three heads are better than one (fewer errors and omissions). It is up to the students working in groups to insure that all group members participate equally. For a student to put his or her name on a report, or acquiesce to putting another student's name on a report, to which they contributed little or nothing, is UNETHICAL, and if uncovered, will result in a failing grade for the lab report/term project, or worse.

Please Note: Due dates for homework quizzes and labs will be adhered to strictly. Grades will be reduced by one letter grade for each day late!