Fall 2004

Laboratory Policies and Procedures

  • All labs will be taken from your lab text, "Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop".
  • The lab text comes with two CD's
    • “Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop – Exercise Data
    • ArcView 8.1 - 180 Day License for Students 
  • Check the computer requirements on the back cover of your Lab Text to be sure you can load and use the software.
  • If your computer is not capable of running the ArcView 8.1 software, then you will have to make arrangements with the College of Engineering to have one of their computers made available.
  • It is estimated that it takes 1 to 2 hours to complete each chapter. Since each lab requires the completion of  three chapters, it will take from 3 to 6 hours each week to complete the labs and answer the questions. Please plan accordingly, so that the answers to each lab are submitted at the same time and ON TIME.
  • There are questions associated with each lab. You must frame your answers using WORD and attach them to an  e-mail sent to the address provided. Do Not send your lab reports to the instructor's e-mail! Send to gatemail@hartford.edu.
  • Each lab will be graded and returned via e-mail with comments and a grade. You can view all grades on Blackboard.

Working in Groups: See Grading Policy

Please Note: Due dates for homework quizzes and labs will be adhered to strictly. Grades will be reduced by one letter grade for each day late! Homework and labs are considered late if submitted after 12:00 pm (midnight) on the date specified.