Laboratory Exercise 8

Finding the Features Nearby

Finding the Features Within


This laboratory consists of exercises from Chapter 17&18 of the lab text, Getting to Know ArcView GIS, with the data obtained from the accompanying CD-ROM (exercises 17a,b,c, & 18a,b).

ArcView is a powerful desktop geographic information system (GIS) made by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). With ArcView, you can load any data that's linked to geographic locations and display it graphically as maps, charts and tables. You can also edit the data , change the way it's displayed, append additional data, create some of your own, perform queries to answer specific questions, or meet certain criteria, and analyze information statistically as well as spatially. Results can be shown as quality graphic presentations to print out or display your screen.

In this exercise, in chapter 17, you will learn to determine which features are within a certain distance from other features (the proximity feature relationship) , or which features are next to other features, i.e. share the same boundary (the adjacency feature relationship). In chapter 18,
you will determine which features are within other features. This type of spatial relationship is known as containment. Finding out whether a feature is inside or outside a boundary is an important factor in decision making.

The problem posed in chapter 17a and b involves the purchase of a service station in Old Town, NM. The criteria for the site are that the site be within 1000 ft. from the interstate, and have the largest number of potential customers within a distance of 1,320 ft. In 17c, the problem is to find out which parcels of land are to be affected (adjacent to) a proposed drainage system improvement, the center line locations of which have already been laid out.

In chapter 18, the problem is to find a suitable middle school in the Atlanta, GA area. You have at your disposal, information about the counties around Atlanta, the locations of the middle schools, and county census information. The criteria solution involves choosing a middle school in a county with low population, and the use of the containment spatial analysis tool.


With the supervision of your instructor, or lab coordinator, use the Getting to Know ArcView GIS CD-ROM to carry out the directions of exercises 17a,b,c,&18a,b. The path to the exercises may vary from PC to PC, so check with the lab instructor or lab coordinate.

Report Format



Q1. Define:


Q2. The theme must be active for theme-on-theme selection.

Q3. Can a target theme and selector theme be the same theme? YesNo ( "No" is checked by default. This is NOT a hint as to which answer is correct.)

Q4. In 17a. we select service stations that are within 1000 feet for the interstate. How can you verify that feet are the units that are associated with this view?

Q5. How can you tell that the interstate is the selected feature in the streets theme?

Q6. Finding features within features is called .

Q7 . In exercise 18b, when you open the view, the Counties theme is not visible, Why?



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