Laboratory Exercise 12


Bradley Import Center



In the Fall of 197, the MetroHartford Millennium leaders proposed to make Bradley Airport and international import center. The proposal would make the regionís airport into a major international gateway for flowers, foods, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables being flown into Bradley. Initial plans call for the construction of a $9.8 million air cargo and federal inspection center near the airport.


Problem Definition:

You have been hired by the State of Connecticut to find a suitable site for the Import Center. In order to screen candidate sites, the following selection criteria have been formulated. The site should:


Solution Procedure:

Data required. For the Adjacent Towns of Windsor Locks, Windsor, east Granby and Suffield , you will need:


Data Acquisition:

Go to the MAGIC site.

MAGIC - Geo-spatial data - for each town

Down load ArcInfo type data (zipped files) for the three maps indicated in 1) above to your folder on the F drive: F:/GIS/GISCLASS/(Your Name)

Unzip the files

Using Import71, Convert the three files to files readable by ArcView (feature data source files). Do all of your work in your folder on the F: drive.


Data Preparation:

Open ArcView

For each Town, add a new theme "Landuse" with data from the Land Use file prepared in 2d.

Using the Legend Editor, change:

Using the five criteria listed in the problem definition, make a flow chart (cartographic model) of the steps you will use to solve the problem.


Problem Redefinition:

The State of Connecticut has asked you to consider new criteria, and compare the results from the initial study: The site should:


Final Report:

Produce a "professional" report (Cover sheet, table of contents, numbered pages, etc ).

For original problem and problem redefinition: