Laboratory Exercise 11




There is an abandoned railroad track between Union Station in Hartford, and the Griffin park in the Town of Bloomfield. This track runs in close proximity to the University of Hartford, (it's the track between the residences and Weaver High School) and is called the Griffin Line. The Griffin Line supported active rail and freight service between Downtown Hartford and it's northwest neighborhoods, and suburban communities from the late 1800's until the last freight service ended in 1982. The State of Connecticut provided the initial financial and policy commitment toward the Griffin line in 1981, acquiring the 8.5 mile segment of the rail right-of-way under the Rail Banking Program, thereby reserving the Griffin Line for future use as mass transit facility.

In recent planning for the use of the Griffin Line as a commuter transporter and connector between Bradley International Airport and Downtown Hartford, light rail has emerged as the leading candidate for the type of system to be used. Light rail in this sense means something similar to an electrified trolley. A major question has emerged in the planning studies: where to place access stations.


Problem Definition:

You have been hired by the Town of Bloomfield to find a suitable site for a Griffin Line station, within the boundaries of the town. In order to screen candidate sites, the following selection criteria have been formulated. The site should:


Solution Procedure:

1) Data required. For the Town of Bloomfield, you will need:

2) Data Acquisition. Go to the MAGIC site.

3) Data Preparation:


Problem Redefinition:

The State of Connecticut has asked you to consider new criteria, and compare the results from the initial study: The site should:


Final Report:

Produce a "professional" report (Cover sheet, table of contents, numbered pages, etc ).

For original problem and problem redefinition: