Biographical Sketch


Justine Cassell, Northwestern Univeristy


Justine Cassell is a professor of Communication Studies and Computer Science at Northwestern University, and the director of the Technology and Social Behavior track of the new grad program in Media, Technology and Society.  Before coming to Northwestern, Cassell spent 9 years at the MIT Media Lab where she directed the Gesture and Narrative Language Research Group.  In 2001, Cassell was awarded the Edgerton Faculty Achievement Award at MIT.  Cassell holds undergraduate degrees in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth and in Lettres Modernes from the Universite de Besanšon (France). She holds a M.Phil in Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) and a double Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Linguistics and Psychology.  Before going to MIT, she was National Science Foundation Visiting Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Fellow of the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science at the University of Pennsylvania