PCards – How They Impact Your Budget


PCard charges should be reviewed and correctly posted each week.  However, if you do not review and post your charges made with your PCard, during the given time frame, they will automatically post to sub account 66666.  This is a default account that is used by the Pcard Administrator when the individual responsible for making the PCard purchase does not input the correct account number during the given time frame. 


Please do not wait to be notified from the Budget Office that a charge has been posted to sub account 66666.  Once a charge has posted to sub account 66666, the individual responsible for managing the PCard must correct this by processing an IDT to move the charges to the correct sub account.  Do not process a Budget Revision.  Please, process an IDT and send the IDT to Financial Accounting Services.  Please allow two weeks for the IDT to remove the charges from YTD Activity. 


Although a Budget Revision should not be processed, if you have done so, you must wait for the IDT to post (in FGIBDST your YTD Activity will be “zero”).  Once the IDT is posted, then the Budget Revision must be reversed so that in FGIBDST your Adjusted Budget will be “zero”. 


If you have questions, please call Carolyn Crane at extension 5088.  If you have questions about the PCard journal entry to Banner, please call Pam Lamson at extension 4664.