Central Administration Contact List

Items that may directly or indirectly impact your budget


Requisitions for PO – Dennis Gacioch Ext. 4007 or Lynne Rizzi Ext. 4009 or Dawn Newton Ext. 5514


Purchase Orders

            Open but need to close:

If there has NOT been any activity:  Dennis Gacioch Ext. 4007 or Lynne Rizzi Ext. 4009 or Dawn Newton Ext. 5514

                        If there has been activity:  acctspay@hartford.edu     

Roll to next Fiscal Year:  All POs will close unless departments request the PO to be rolled



            General PCard questions:  Dennis Gacioch Ext. 4007 or Dawn Newton Ext. 5514

            Disputing charges in the SDOL system:  Contact the Bank

            Questioning charges posted to Banner:  Amy Brown Ext. 4632

            Once a PCard journal entry is posted to sub account 66666:  Carolyn Crane Ext. 5088


Banner Finance Access – Louise Mahoney Ext. 4152


Operating Budgets:  Melissa McCaw Ext. 4153


Budget Revisions – Operating Budgets:  Lori Holden  Ext. 4345


Restricted Funds and Grants and Agency Funds:  Carolyn Crane  Ext. 5088


Invoices to be paid or Invoices submitted but not paid yet

            Purchase Orders:  Bonnie Pepper Ext. 5107

            Order for Checks & Personal Expense Vouchers:  Debi  Perleoni, Ext. 4897

            Other Questions:  Amy Brown Ext. 4632


IDTs:  Valerie Gilleran Ext. 4320


Requisitions to Hire – Designated HR Manager


PAFs – Employment related questions – Designated HR Specialist


PAFs – Budget and Labor Distribution related questions:  Melissa McCaw, Budget, Ext. 4153

                                                                                      Carolyn Crane, Ext. 5088


Faculty Contracts:  Provosts Office, Polly Kallen Ext. 4505


Adjunct Contracts:  Chuck Colarulli, Associate Provost & Dean of Undergraduate Studies Ext. 4749


Rosters – Operating Budgets & Labor Distribution – Carolyn Crane  Ext. 5088

                                                                               Melissa McCaw  Ext. 4153


Rosters – Employment related questions – Designated HR Specialist


Questions on Faculty Coffin Grants and Summer Stipends – Maria Marques, Faculty Senate Office Ext. 4789


WelFund Grants – Jennifer Sanborn, Director, The Women's Education & Leadership Fund Ext. 5471


Time Sheets, Exempt Rosters, Leave Balances, Direct Deposit, Pay/No Pay, PAF’s and Employment Rosters – Employees with questions regarding pay should be directed to the employee’s immediate supervisor.  Supervisors should contact the Payroll Department to follow up and resolve any issues regarding rosters, PAF’s or pay/no pay concerns.


All other inquiries should be made to the Payroll Department at extension 4579.