TRANALV2 shows the phasor voltage and current (incident, reflected, and total) on a transmission line, with any load impedance. Best yet, it shows vector impedance Z = V/I, and standing wave pattern.

TRANALV2 stands for Transmission Line Analysis Program (version 2).

The transmission line concepts of voltage and current reflection coefficients, forward- and reverse-traveling waves, constructive and destructive interference, and the resulting standing waves traditionally are perplexing to most new learners. Perhaps that's because there's so much going on, seemingly at the same time and the same place (e.g. at the load impedance the forward-traveling wave creates a reverse-traveling wave, and their algebraic sum is the total voltage at the load). A visual aid, such as this software, makes understanding of this complex situation much easier, particularly for reactive loads. It can be used by students to try a variety of load impedances, and with screen-capture software can be used by faculty to create very useful handouts or display material. It is very easy to use.

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