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If you download the MPP software from this Web Page you will receive it in "zipped" form as MPP.ZIP. Once you move MPP.ZIP to your PC, it must be installed by being "unzipped" using PKUNZIP.EXE.

Install MPP on your PC by typing the following:

pkunzip -d mpp

The -D creates all the needed subdirectories that allow MPP to work properly.

MPP (Math Plotting Package) plots functions; shows roots, integrals, slopes being found; plots terms or sum of infinite series; a superb learning and teaching tool for mathematics.

MPP was written by Professor Howard Lewis Penn, with help from Jim Buchanan, Frank Pittelli, et. al. of the U.S. Naval Academy. The information below was excerpted from the file MPP.DOC for version 3.80 of the software:

Mathematics Plotting Package (MPP) contains nine modules written by Howard Lewis Penn with help from Jim Buchanan and Frank Pittelli of the U.S. Naval Academy. The modules are intended to be used in conjunction with Calculus. This program was written in Turbo Pascal, version 5.5. The program has been compiled and, therefore, Turbo Pascal is not needed to run it. MPP can be run on any IBM compatible computer with at least 512K of memory and a CGA, EGA, VGA, Hercules board or a board compatible with one of these. The program makes heavy use of color and therefore the authors recommend the use of a color monitor and an EGA or VGA graphics board.

Since this program was produced by government personnel, no charge can be requested for this disk. You are free to copy this disk and distribute it to other people at your institution as long as there is no charge other than the cost of the blank disk onto which the program is copied. We do request that anyone at another institution sends two blank, formatted disks to:

Howard Lewis Penn, Mathematics Department U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD 21402

The ten modules are: 1. MPP (Mathematics Plotting Program) 2. Root (Root finding by Newton, bisection or secant) 3. Integral (Evaluation with trapezoidal, Simpson or Riemann sums) 4. Slope (Definition of derivative illustration) 5. Implicit (Plots implicit function & tangent lines) 6. Infinite Series (plots terms or partial sums of infinite series) 7. Contour (Plots up to 15 contour lines) 8. Vector Fields (Plots vector fields) 9. Double Integrals (Rec. or polar coordinates) A. Triple Integrals (Rec., cylindrical or spherical coordinates)

MPP has the ability to save and recall stored files (e.g. MPP(Program) files have the .mp1 and .mp2 extensions, while Root files have the .rt1 extension). It can also print graphs on four types of printer: most dot matrix, HP Laser Jet and compatibles, Postscript laser, and Okidata dot matrix printers that do not emulate Epson. MPP is a versatile and worthwhile software package.

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