* * * * * * VERY IMPORTANT * * * * * *

If you download the HAMCALC software from this Web Page you will receive it in "zipped" form, as HAMCAL32.ZIP.

PLACE HAMCAL32.ZIP IN YOUR ROOT DIRECTORY [no kidding - it will NOT work if you put it elsewhere!].

Once you move HAMCAL32.ZIP to your PC, it must be installed by being "unzipped" using PKUNZIP.EXE. Install HAMCALC on your PC by typing the following:

pkunzip -d hamcal32.zip

The -d creates all the appropriate subdirectories that allow HAMCALC to work properly.

Once you've UNZIPPED it, type VE3ERP (a batch file) to run it.

There are dozens of menu items, many related to RF circuits and systems: resistive attenuators, impedance matching, L & C, resonance, VSWR, power level conversions, etc. Also includes very handy non-RF features, like unit conversions.

HAMCALC was written by George Murphy (VE3ERP, 77 McKenzie St., Orillia, ON L3V 6A6, Canada) a Canadian amateur radio operator (ham). It was described in the January, 1995 issue of QST (p.47) as "a veritable Swiss Army Knife for hams. HAMCALC does painless calculations for Amateur Radio Operators. ... This collection of programs removes the drudgery of mathematics for anyone who dabbles in design, experimentation or general fiddling in the field of ham radio. ... This software is free to use and to copy and pass along to your friends."

Many of the calculations that must be done in RF work, such as determining the value of capacitor that will resonate at a certain frequency with an inductor, must be done often and it's just plain easier to have a tool that does it automatically. HAMCALC is a computational tool that does many common calculations quickly. Its menus are clear and easy to use, and the tedium of repeating the same kinds of calculations is thereby eliminated. It can be mastered with very little effort, and contains very useful context- sensitive help screens throughout.

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