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You may find it helpful to print this information, and have it in front of you, when installing and running Agilent Smith Chart software.

The Agilent Technologies web site, www.educatorscorner.com contains a LOT of very fine information that is useful to students and faculty.  You can get the Smith Chart software (and many other jewels) directly from the Agilent site.  The ZIPPED file AGILSMIT.ZIP will allow you to get started using the Smith Chart JAVA Applet right away.

INSTALLING THE Smith Chart FILES:  For assistance with the process below, refer to the instructions on this website for using PKUNZIP software.   Go to PKUNZIP instructions.

Essentially, you are going to:
    a) Create a subdirectory somewhere on your PC hard drive to hold the Smith Chart files.

    b) Download AGILSMITH.ZIP and put it in that subdirectory.

    c) UNZIP the AGILSMIT.ZIP file, using PKUNZIP.EXE (available on this website) OR by
        using WINZIP or another unzipping utility.  This unzipping process will create a few files
        in that subdirectory.

    d) ONE of those files, SCHART.HTML, can be "opened" using your regular WWW
        browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape).  Use "Open page" under "File" in Netscape to
        open SCHART.HTML.

    e) Learn a LOT about the Smith Chart, VSWR = voltage standing wave ration,
        and GAMMA = complex voltage reflection coefficient.

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