University of Hartford
Barney School of Business & Public Administration
MBA 720
Managing Technology Part II

Instructor: Prof. J.S. Duggal
Office: Management Dept.

Class Days: Tuesday and Thursday CRN# 21119
Class Hours: 5:00 -8:00 Summer 2002
Class Location: Auerbach 425


Class Web Page:

Office Hours: By Appointment

Texts: Information Technology for Managers, Harvard Business School Publishing & Assigned Readings / Cases.

Other Requirements: Your own e-mail account and access to the Internet

Suggested Readings: Web browsing based on research links from class home page; The Wall Street Journal; Business Week and other Business and Technology periodicals listed on the class website.

 Course Description: This course will help students learn how to manage technology and innovation in organizations. The central themes of the course are: the nature of technological change, its competitive impact on organizations, how to manage the acquisition and generation of appropriate technologies, and human and ethical issues. While the first half of the course pertains to a broad range of technologies, the second half of the course will focus specifically on managing information and communications technologies.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

Course Methods and Materials : This course will use a variety of teaching methods, including case analysis, interactive lecture, class discussions, assignments and presentations. Teaching materials will consist of a custom collection of readings and cases. A single text is not likely to be used as few, if any, cover the range of topics included in this course.

Course Requirements and Grading: In general, a competitive grading policy will be used in evaluating exams, case analysis, projects and class participation. This means your work submissions will be judged not only for its’ independent merit and quality, but also on its’ quality vis-à-vis the work of your class peers.

Note: Your overall MBA720 course grade will be the average of your grades from Part 1 and Part 2.

Contextual Coverage:

General Course Policies: