WHITE OUT WAS PUBLISHED IN 2003 BY ROUTLEDGE.  For additional information, see, www.routledge.com  To order the book, see www.amazon.com


Margaret L. Andersen, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Mark A. Chesler, Nancy DiTomaso, Ashley W. Doane, Joe R. Feagin, Tyrone A. Forman, Andrew M. Gordon, Charles A. Gallagher, Thomas A. Guglielmo, John Hartigan, Jr., Heather Beth Johnson, Amanda E. Lewis, Minkah Makalani, Karyn D. McKinney, Charles W. Mills, Edward Murguia, Kristen Myers, Eileen O'Brien, Rochelle Parks-Yancy, Melissa Peet, Jennifer L. Pierce, Corinne Post, Todd Sevig, Thomas M. Shapiro, Hernán Vera


"This wide-ranging and often brilliant collection places the critical study of whiteness right where it belongs--squarely within the larger framework of an analysis of a larger racial system that produces inequality and misery. Of all of the anthologies on whiteness, White Out is far and away the most successful at detailing how and why social structures matter when racial ideologies are made.."

"An immensely valuable book. Here you will find vital information and analysis, both of the payoffs racism offers to whites, and of the immense costs racism imposes on the white psyche."
–- Howard Winant, author of The World is a Ghetto:Race and Democracy Since World War II

"Provides greater depth and breath than previous studies by moving these discussions in the direction of a long overdue structural examination of racism, while pointing to new directions for further research."
–-G. Reginald Daniel, author of More Than Black? Multiracial Identity and the New Racial Order

"Moving beyond static conceptualizations of whiteness, White Out redirects the focus of whiteness studies and produces an empirical understanding of white identity and the practices it produces."
–-David T. Wellman, author of Portraits of White Racism

Table of Contents

Rethinking Whiteness Studies 1.
Rethinking Whiteness Studies, Woody Doane New Perspectives on Whiteness 2. Whitewashing Race, Margaret L. Anderson 3. White Supremacy as Socio-Political System, Charles W. Mills 4. Rethinking Whiteness Historiography, Thomas A. Guglielmo 5. Shades of Whiteness, Edward Murguia and Tyrone Forman 6. Rejecting Blackness and Claiming Whiteness, Minkah Mikalani 7. Who are These White People? John Hartigan Jnr. 8. The Beautiful American, Hernan Vera and Andrew Gordon Whiteness and Color Blind Racism:Empirical Studies 9. White Fright, Kristen Myers 10. Playing the White Ethnic Card, Charles A. Gallagher 11. Some are More Equal Than Others, Amanda E. Lewis 12. Good Neighbourhoods, Good Schools, Heather Beth Johnson and Thomas M. Shapiro 13. White Views of Civil Rights, Nancy DiTomaso, Rochelle Parks-Yancy and Corrinne Post 14. Racing for Innocence, Jennifer L. Pierce 15. Blinded by Whiteness, Mark A. Chessler, Melissa Peet and Todd Sevig Whiteness and Anti-racism 16. Diverse Perspectives on Doing Anto-Racism, Karyn D. McKinney and Joe R. Feagin 17. The Political is Personal, Eileen O'Brien Conclusion 18. "New Racism", Color Blind Racism, the Future of Whiteness in America, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva Notes References Contributors