I have many interests and hobbies that I enjoy.  There are two specific hobbies which I love most: basketball and ultimate frisbee. I put a great amount of effort, passion, and time into these two sports.

  Basketball Footage
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     Since 5th grade, I have been competitively playing in basketball in several leagues and organizations.  I first played in my town league during 5th and 6th grade, which supplied a lot of fun.  I then took a step further into Catholic Youth League for my church, Our Lady of Victory.  In high school, I played for the 7th grade, 8th grade, Junior Varsity (2 years), and Varsity (2 years) basketball teams.  In 10th grade on Junior Varsity, I was elected captain and awarded the Most Valuable Player playing as a center.  While on the Varsity Team, I was elected captain, named one of the Top 50 Players in Nassau County for 2009 and 2010, and awarded All Conference honors and a Scholar Athlete while playing as a shooting guard.

Ultimate Frisbee:
Ultimate Frisbee

      Ultimate Frisbee took over my life at the start of freshman year here at Hartford.  I am part of the Hartford Lighthouse Ultimate team, a non-affiliated club of the University of Hartford.  We have spent many weekends at tournaments competing with other schools in the New England area.  Our biggest event of the year was our spring break tournament down in Georgia, where we spent a week playing teams from across the nation.  I am the team's main receiver, typically found dashing down the field and jumping sky high to catch discs for scores. I don't fool around.

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