Student Quotes

"I liked acquiring knowledge about machine learning techniques and being able to implement a system and see it work. This gave me a concrete understanding of the concepts."

"I liked the fact that the project I worked on pertained to the Internet and web document classification. It presented a useful real world application of machine learning. Often, examples in the book or other projects lack real world usefulness."

"Working on the project was a great experience. I was able to see how various AI concepts tie together in developing a machine learning system. I was amazed by the wide range of applications of machine learning in various aspects of our lives."

"The project was very interesting and challenging. Working in groups was a good experience."

"The project was really neat. I was challenged to strengthen my deductive reasoning skills by formalizing the process by which I derive solutions. The problems associated with "satisfiability" are fun to work out, but they also provide me with an intellectual challenge."