MLeXAI May 2009 Workshop

Project Goal

Our goal is to develop a project-based framework for teaching core AI topics through a unifying theme of machine learning. We build on the success of our smaller-scale NSF-funded project DUE-0409497.
A total of 26 adaptable, hands-on laboratory projects will be developed that can be closely integrated into a one-term AI course. Each project will involve the development of a machine learning system in a specific application. The applications span a large area including network security, recommender systems, game playing, intelligent agents, computational chemistry, robotics, conversational systems, cryptography, web document classification, vision, data integration in databases, bioinformatics, pattern recognition, and data mining. The project will enhance the student learning experience in the introductory Artificial Intelligence course by:

  • Introducing machine learning elements into the AI course,
  • Increase student interest and motivation to learn AI by providing a project-based framework for the presentation
  • Developing, applying, and testing an adaptable framework for the presentation of core AI topics which emphasizes the important relationship between AI and computer science in general, and software development in particular.