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Media and Journalism

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Media and Journalism

What does it take to prepare for a career in the media industries? The Media and Journalism emphasis is a great place to begin. Through analysis of entertainment, news, information and other genres you will discover criteria for excellence in print and electronic media. You will also gain expertise in how media function as businesses and what role they play in maintaining and changing society, including both shaping and reflecting our values and perceptions.

In media production courses, you will gain the tools to produce messages for a variety of outlets. You will write articles for newspapers and magazines, create web pages, and produce television and radio programs for different audiences and social groups. Whether the goal is to get people to buy a product, donate to a cause, or simply to entertain them, courses in the media emphasis lead you to an understanding of how media operate legally, economically and as institutions in society.

If you have a passion for news, courses in print and broadcast journalism will help you to become a skilled reporter and news writer or editor. As the news industry moves into new electronic delivery systems, you will gain sophistication in informing readers and viewers about the issues that affect society now. Apart from basic journalism skills, you will come to understand the legal and ethical dimensions of news and how they help to shape news products.

For more information about the Media and Journalism emphasis contact Dr. Jack Banks, Dr. Elizabeth Burt, Dr. Roger Desmond, Dr. Harvey Jassem, Dr. Sundeep Muppidi, or Dr. Paul Siegel.

Course requirements

In addition to the Communication Core, students in the Media and Journalism emphasis take:

  • CMM 240 Introduction to Media

1 course in Media Technology Abilities:

  • CMM 242 Introduction to Radio
  • CMM 244 TV Studio Production
  • CMM 281 Introduction to Multimedia

2 courses in Criticism and Analysis:

  • CMM 210 Media Literacy
  • CMM 318 Women and the Media
  • CMM 330 Gender and Sex in Pop Culture
  • CMM 346 Media Industries: Ethics, Politics, Economics
  • CMM 362 History of American Journalism
  • CMM 415 Issues in New Media
  • CMM 425 Popular Culture
  • CMM 430 Communication Law
  • CMM 449 Media and Society
  • CMM 450 International Communication

Select 1 sub-group and take two courses from that sub-group:

Media Production sub-group:

  • CMM 345 Video Field Production
  • CMM 406 Internship
  • CMM 440 Advanced TV Production
  • CMM 442 Advanced Radio Production
  • CMM 481 Advanced Multimedia

Journalism sub-group

  • CMM 315 Sports Journalism
  • CMM 350W News Reporting
  • CMM 353 Broadcast and Electronic Journalism
  • CMM 406 Internship
  • CMM 430 Communication Law
  • CMM 445 News Editing
  • [CMM 317W Creative Nonfiction or CMM 354W Editorial & Feature Story or CMM 356W Magazine Journalism]

Media Industries sub-group

  • CMM 346 Media Industries: Ethics, Politics, Economics
  • CMM 406 Internship
  • CMM 430 Communication Law
  • CMM 444 Broadcast Management Sales and Operations
  • [CMM 260 Introduction to Advertising or CMM 271 Introduction to Public Relations]
  • [CMM 343 Communication in Contemporary Organizations or CMM 412 Communication & Organizational Problem Solving]

Media Studies sub-group

  • Choose 2 courses, at least one of which is at the 400 level, from the Criticism and Analysis classes.

One course each from the School of Communication’s other two emphases (Advertising and Public Relations and Human Communication Studies), or two courses from either one of them.

More details about these requirements are provided on the Media and Journalism Course Requirements form.


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