Capstone in Politics and Government
Spring 2005

Weekly Papers

    Each week students are required to write 2-page response papers to the assigned reading. The intent of this paper is to raise issues for disccusion in that week's seminar discussion. The papers are due at noon on Monday, the day before the seminar. This is an absolute deadline! These papers must be written in a word processing format and should be sent to me using the digital drop box in Blackboard


    These papers are not, I repeat not meant to be simply summaries of what you read. I know what the author wrote and I am assuming you read each piece. Instead they are thought papers. The task is to integrate the readings, consider arguments, examine assumptions and ultimately to actively engage in the reading by responding to it. Do you agree with some of the points raised by some of the authors? Which ones and why? What does not make sense to you and why? Relate the readings to previous readings in the seminar or to things you've read in other classes. Finally, at the end, ask questions. What are you unclear about after having read the pieces?

    Remember, these papers are meant to be the basis from which we organize our class discussions. When writing them, think about what you want to talk about that week. With that in mind, spend time writing this paper.

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