U.S. Foreign Policy


Politics and Government 330

Michael Clancy
United States Foreign Policy
Hillyer 123b
Spring 2013
M/W: 1:30-2:45
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The most basic requirement of this course is that students come to class regularly, come on time, and come ready to contribute to class discussion (in other words having read the assigned material for that day).  Because student input is central to a successful class, students who miss class regularly will not do well in their class participation grade and frequent absenteeism will result in being dropped from the class roster.

This course will be run primarily as a discussion-oriented class. That means that students must come to class ready to speak and listen about the assigned readings. Students will be asked to contribute regularly. I will do my part to encourage broad participation, but students must also do theirs by coming prepared to speak. Students also, therefore, must treat each other and the professor with every respect.

Among written requirements, students will write an in-class midterm, take a final exam, and participate in a two-week long simulation. The latter assignment is rather extensive.

Note on Academic Integrity

All work that students perform in this course must be their own, with the exception of the collaborative group assignments. Students are also advised to read The Source with regard to academic honesty and proper citation of work.
Whenever you use outside sources of information in your research, you must cite your sources properly. All papers submitted in this course should employ the American Political Science Association citation method as outlined in the Style Manual for Political Science. Papers submitted without complete citations will not be graded.

Note: Extensions are frowned upon and given only for extenuating circumstances. Late work will be treated as such and will be downgraded by 1/3 of one letter grade per day. After 10 days students receive a grade of "0" for that assignment. It is very difficult to pass the course with any grade of zero.

 Grading will take the following form:

   Midterm                                                    25%
   Simulation  Position Paper                  20%

   Simulation Participation                      10%
   Class Participation                                 15%

   Final Exam  (take home)                       30%