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    All readings are from assigned books or cases, from the Web, or are available on Blackboard. To access Blackboard click here.


 I. Introduction

January 24: Introduction

No Reading

January 26:    The World in 2012

Current History, "Global Progress Report, 2012: The Danger of Decline"
Kearny, "The Globalization Index," M&R 16.1
Goldstein, pp. 1-10

 II. Perspectives on World Politics

January 31:  Theory/Roots of Classical Realism

"The Melian Dialogue"

February 2:  Modern Realism

Goldstein, pp. 35-37, 41-49
Morgenthau, "A Realist Theory of International Politics" 

February 7: Liberalism/Radicalism

Goldstein, pp. 63-72
Fukuyama, "History is Still Going Our Way," M&R 4.1
Goldstein, pp. 78-81

February 9:  Radicalism/ Alternartive Theories/Review

Cardoso, "Dependent Development in Latin America:
Goldstein, pp. 87-91; 96-105
Wilmer, "Women, the State, and War: Feminist Incursions into World Politics" M&R 15.1
*Stephen M. Walt, "International Relations: One World, Many Theories"


 III. States, Security and Conflict

February 14: Nation-States, Power, and Security

Goldstein, pp. 10-13 (review), 24-27
Ghemawat, "Why the World Isn't Flat" M&R 1.3
Gat, "The Return of Authoritarian Great Powers" M&R 4.2
Rotberg, "Failed States in a World of Terror" M&R 5.1
Goldstein, pp. 37-41
McRae, "Human Security in a Globalized World," M&R 9.1

Theory Assignment due

February 16: War and Discord

Goldstein, pp. 109-39
Barry Posen, “The Security Dilemma and Ethnic Conflict”
Munkler, "The New Wars" M&R 2.1
Goldstein, "Think Again: War," Foreign Policy Sept./Oct., 2011

February 21:   War in the Nuclear Era

 Film: Failsafe

February 23: No Class

February 28:  Nuclear Proliferation

Goldstein, pp. 149-58
John Mueller, "Think Again: Nuclear Weapons" Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb., 2010

Film: Failsafe, remainder

Policy paper topics due

March 1: Iran and "The Bomb"

Farley, "What if Iran Got the Bomb?" Foreign Policy, April 2009

March 6: Afghanistan

Ahmed Rashid, Descent into Chaos, Introduction
          Steve Coll, "Looking for Mullah Omar," The New Yorker January 23, 2012
          Hersh, "Defending the Arsenal," The New Yorker

March 8: Terrorism

         Goldstein, pp. 147-9, review
          Kydd and Walter, "Strategies of Terrorism" M&R 2.3
          Economist, "A World Wide Web of Terror" M&R2.6

          Video: Frontline: Hunting Bin Laden 

March 13: Mitigating Conflict: The UN

          Goldstein, pp. 213-21; 224-8
          Economist, 'The United Nations" M&R 6.2
          Lacy, "UN Troops fight Haiti's Gangs One Battered Street at a Time," M&R 5.4

March 15: Midterm Exam

March 17-24: Spring Break: No Class 

IV. International Political Economy

March 27: Introduction to IPE:

Goldstein, pp. 164-74
Gilpin, "The Challenge of Global Capitalism" M&R 10.1
Florida, "The World is Spiky" Atlantic Monthly

March 29: Globalization (I): International  Finance and Trade

Goldstein, pp. 174-98; 291-5
Dombrowski, "The ABCs of Global Money and Finance" M&R 10.4
Kapur and Naim, "The IMF and Democratic Governance" M&R 6.3
Policy paper outline and bibliography due  

April 3: Europe and Economic Crisis

           Readings TBA

April 5: Globalization (2): MNCs, Global Production, and Labor

Goldstein, pp. 200-04
Business Week, "Borders are so Twentieth Century"

          Clancy,"Sweating the Swoosh: Nike, the Globlalization of Sneakers, and the Question of Sweatshop Labor"
          Read Part A only!

April 10: North-South Relations and Development

Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place, entire

April 12: Poverty and Foreign Aid

Goldstein, 291-305
Economist, "In the Shadow of Prosperity" M&R 10.2
von Reppert-Bismarck, "How Trade Barriers Keep Africans Adrift," M&R 10.3
Brainerd, et al., "The Tangled Web: The Poverty-Insecurity Nexus" M&R 11.1

Economist, "The Eight Commandments" M&R 11.3

IV. Contemporary Global Challenges

April 17: The Global Commons/Global Climate Change

Goldstein, pp. 306-14
World Bank, "Global Problems and Local Concerns" M&R 12.2
Holz, "Huge Dust Plumes from China Cause Changes in Climate" M&R 12.5

Policy Papers Due

April 19: Population and Resources

Goldstein, pp. 326-33

April 24: Human Rights

Goldstein, pp. 258-264
Frank, "Are Human Rights Universal?" M&R 8.1

April 26: The Arab Spring

         Readings TBA

 May 1: Borders: Migration and Illicit Narcotics

          Goldstein, pp. 269-71
          Adamson, "Crossing Borders" M&R 13.1
          Economist: "Europe's Huddled Masses" M&R 13.2 Shaikin and Crawford, "In Afghanistan Heroin Trade Soars Despite                 US Aid" M&R 9.3
          Quinones, "State of War" Foreign Policy March/April 2009

May 3: Alternative Global Futures

        Foer, "Soccer vs. McWorld" M&R 16.3
          Rachman, "Think Again: American Decline" Foreign Policy, Jan./Feb. 2011

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