Politics 100

Introduction to American Government

Conduct and Course Requirements

     Because class meetings will in large part determine the success of the class, attendance is required and students are expected to have done the assigned reading. Most class sessions will combine lecture and discussion. Therefore students are expected to participate regularly, thoughtfully, and with respect for others.  Final grades for the course will be determined by evaluation of six components:


Reading Materials


Schmidt, Shelley and Bardes, American Government and Politics Today, 2008-09, Brief Edition


Hyer, “Values Versus Interests: The U.S. Response to the Tiananmen Square Massacre," Pew Case Study


Various Internet Readings

Read a Daily national newspaper

Note: Written assignments are due in class. Extensions are given only in extreme circumstances.
Note: Late work will be penalized one third (1/3) of a grade per day. After 10 days the student receives a grade of zero for the assignment.
Note: Attendance in class is expected.  One's participation grade will suffer significantly with repeated absences.
Note: Academic honesty is expected and non-negotiable. violations will be punished to the extent possible. For any questions regarding academic integrity, consult The Source

Class Participation


Exam 1


Exam 2


Quizzes (3 of 4)


Internet/Case assignments


Exam 3