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zdjeciecarsky2.jpg (3381 bytes)Mary Carsky has been the Associate Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Management/Marketing Department since1995. Dr. Carsky came to the University of Hartford in 1989, four years after completing a Ph.D. at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Sate University. As a professor of marketing, her major teaching and research interests focus on consumer information, consumer relationships and customer satisfaction. She enjoys teaching marketing research as well as consumer behavior and managing customer relationships.  Specific topics of her research have included consumer use of point-of-sale information, awareness of food labeling requirements, and customer satisfaction with services. She has particular expertise in the design and implementation of survey research as well as with univariate and multivariate data analysis techniques.

Marketing research gives students particular skills that will be of use throughout their careers. An understanding of the factors associated with consumer behavior and customer satisfaction is the most important element in marketing. Dr. Carsky says, "If I can help students develop an appreciation for the customer, I will believe that I have been successful as teacher".

Dr. Carsky's interest in research has been translated into twenty three journal articles and more than forty conference proceedings. Professor Carsky's research has been published in a variety of marketing and business journals including Journal of Consumer Affairs, Journal of the Academic of Marketing Science, Journal of Business Research and Journal of Consumer Satisfaction.

In 1999 she won an award for the best paper in the "Journal of Macromarketing". This article examined the evolution of quality in consumer goods, and concluded that quality of goods had increased and there is less risk in purchasing poor quality today. In order to keep current with business practices she conducts one or two marketing research per year.

Dr. Carsky has done studies for The Hartford Whalers, Wadsworth Atheneum, Edwards Supermarket, Hartford Monthly Magazine, the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and several local and regional businesses.           


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