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mountain biking is the way to go now that its warm again..

I've been biking for about 12 years.  Back in 1993, I was  fast...

this was me in the now relocated "WRATH of VALLEY FALLS".  I did
all three years (1990-1992) when it was at its original site in vernon and finished as high as
10th  in mens, senior sport (not easy).  The motto was "damn roots".  Now
its called the Wrath of Sun Valley, still a good race.
(Note old equipment, rigid front fork, tee-shirt, wierd helmut)

Now I am slower, a little.  Vet class is tougher.

At least I start right in the middle!!

 This was definitely a tough race, Vet class riders are ALL good!
 (Meadow Muffin, July 1998)

Maybe I'll race this year, but instead I'll ride with some Ward students and Kick some BuTT!!!!
(whooops, just kiddin)

I also race for Team Nor'Easter, out of Vernon Bike Center, in Vernon, CT.  Go see Jeff, he's the best.

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