O.k. ...the page was not maintained at all.  It made no sense!  I have tried to organize it into the time frames
of the updates.  Below you will find the dates associated with the vague and somewhat opinionated  ski reports.
I will try and spend more time on this next year.

Overall, this was an incredible year.  The snow was the best I have ever personally skied in VT.  Jay Peak reported nearly 600 inches of snow, while Killington had its snowiest year in 24 years.  Sugarbush was the best I have ever seen

Total days 2000-2001 season = 24
Total days on which fresh powder was had = 19
Total ACL tears 2000-2001 season = 1   (fortunately, just a partial)

So....we can only hope that next year is 80% as good!!!

Here is the final update, May 14, 2001.

The final day of skiing was on May 12 at Killington.  It was a really nice day in the morning, with both Superstar and Sky Lark being open.  We dragged the pin-heads down the bump run first, but it included walking the first 50 yards to the snow.  A very steep pitch none the less.  The bumps were big and soft.  The rest of the trail was in great shape.  As for sky-lark, tough trail.  They had basically run a snow cat through some spots in order to make a trail of snow.  Unfortunately, it was only a lot of mud and rocks in some spots!!  Oh-well, keep those tips pointed DOWN the hill.

We cranked off five hard runs.  Showing off as much as possible, of course.  We met up with the legendary John Bascom, who had been there since 10:00 a.m. and telied who-knows how many runs!!!!  Credit to Charley R, Joe C., DJ B., and of course Colleen (the only girl!)

Update as of March 30, 2001

When will the snow stop!!!!!  We can only hope for spring, but in the mean time....lets ski!!!!

We had a great day at BOLTON Valley,  Tony S and I skied woods on the far left side of the
mountain.  No one had been in the woods!!! (whats up with the Bolton Locals?)

Before that, we had a great day at Stowe, punctuated by a partial hike to the summit of Mt. Mansfield,
the woods were fun.....a little tight in spots though, still untracked available.

Tomorrow we are going to Jay Peak...and they again have gotten more snow....

Well, look for future updates.

Update as of February 15, 2001

In mid December, Sugarbush had outstanding conditions...no Castlerock, but lots of pow-pow.
The next day was a typical Okemo day....groomed, with two bump trails in reasonable shape - Chief and
Sels Choice.  The following week at Jay, I tweaked the good knee (not anymore) skiing woods that simply
did not have enough cover.  I  had to get an anti-rotational knee brace (#2) and so far it seems to
holding up.
Since then...Smugglers Notch (via Snuffy's trail from Stowe),Mad River Glenn, Sugarbush (two more times),
and Jay Peak have been like skiing out west...powder or packed powder.  At Jay, we found untracked, knee deeps
in Wiedelmeister and elsewhere!!!

Then came the *@&@^&^#*%& RAIN of February 10....Yes, Virginia, it did rain everywhere in New
England late Friday nite, that's why the snow is now like concrete.  We actually skiid at Magic on Saturday
following the rain, it was just freezing up, but o.k.

This was at Smugglers Notch, first day with my new Knee brace (Thanks Tony)