Here's a virtual tour of some of the stuff that I decided to post:
--Really because I bought a cheap scanner and pictures are easy--

Dabbles in Structural Design and Architecture
Skydeck I   Skydeck II
This is the deck that I designed and built atop my house at the Cape.  The
views are to the southeast looking at the arm of Cape Cod. Check the VIEW:

The Story of my Boating Career (1998-2000)
The First Boat - No Name (October 1997 - September 1998)
The Second Boat - Jack Straw (September 1998 - November 1999)
The New Boat - Finale' I (November 1999 - ???)
A short but illustrious career in boating.  All over that bay in the picture above.

The New Dog:
This our not so new dog Callaway (puppy), born on Sept. 10, 1999.  She's alot of
fun and a lot bigger now.    She weighed in at 70 pounds as of Feb. 2001.

Mountain Biking:
Still like to ride, but golf is starting to take over!!!(noooooooooo!)  Riding tomorrow!

Okay, here is a short ski report from the winter of 2000-2001 -- a good year!!!

The Band -  "Paper Jam"  (for now....)
I play keys in a rock band thats actually been together for 11 years.  We used to play
at bars, and we even played at spring fling at UHAH, 1999.

The millenium party fireworks:  aerial artwork