Statistics Links

What follows are some links to various statistics web pages. Some emphasize education, while others provide access to various data sets.

 First is the list of lists related to statistics. StatList is the ultimate collection of all that is available on the web. This is a first try for most uses.

 StatLib is a collection of data sets from the American Statistical Association and maintained at Carnegie Mellon University.

 Robin Lock of St. Lawrence University assembled a very comprehensive (as of March 1998) listing of statistics related web sites for a presentation at a conference held at Babson College. The bullets are meant to be medals in the Olympic style, i.e., gold, silver, and bronze. This version is an update presented at an MAA conference at Monroe Community College in the summer of 1999 as a linked series of subpages.

 A primary source of media-generated materials that can be used as supplementary course materials or the basis of a so-called "Chance" course can be obtained from the Chance web page. Highly recommended.

 The commercial web site for Statsoft has a subpage of expository material on various areas of statistics. Although the level is uneven, it is a valuable resource.