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This directory is intended to be an inclusive list of all those with whom I have shared studio time and two-directional learning experiences.  I know, as sure as I am writing this, that I have forgotten someone.  This is not a reflection on those persons or on their importance to me, but, rather, on my dilapidated recall powers.  In addition to completing or correcting your own data, please send me the names and known contact information of anyone whose name is not here.

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Name School Degree Career Email Other
Ambresh, Timothy Stonybrook MM   Email  
Bean, Scott Hartt BM'96,MM'98 Instructor of Trombone, Central Connecticut State University Email  
Berloe, Matthew Hartt BM  '01 Graduate Student Email  
Bethea, Rob Hartt BM   Email  
Briant, Richard Hartt BM  '00?   Email  
Bolin, Burt NCSA BM   Email  
Cannon, David NCSA BM  '84 Recording Engineer, High School Music Teacher   Email  
Canipe, Michael Stonybrook     Email  
Casola, Robert Hartt BM   Email  
Cordell, Jared Hartt BM  '03   Email
Cranston, Kevin Hartt BM  '93   Email
Cranston, Scott Hartt BM  '93 Principal Trombone, New Haven Symph. Orch., and High School Band Director Email
Craver, Neil NCSA     Email  
Cushing, Michael Hartt BM  '93   Email
Dailey, Gregory NCSA     Email  
Davis, Steve  Hartt   University Trombone Professor
International Jazz Trombonist
Dixon, Marc Hartt BM  '96   Email  
Dubberly, Jamie Hartt MM, DMA SF Bay Area free-lance bass trombonist Assistant Band Director, Pvt. High School Email Soundclick BioCharangón Neuve
Dubois, Rob Hartt   BM  /03 Middle School Instrumental Director, Bloomfield, CT Email
Eddy, Hugh Stonybrook DMA   Email  
Edwards, Bradley Hartt BM  '87 University Trombone Professor Email USC bio
Eidam, Bruce          Email  
Enderlin, Rex Stonybrook DMA   Email  
Escobar, Betoel NCSA, Stonybrook BM, MM   Email  
Etterbeek, John NCSA,Hartt Diploma   Email  
Farwell, Doug NCSA, Stonybrook BM, MM Assoc. Prof. of Trombone & Asst. Dean of College of Fine Arts, Valdosta (GA) State University Email
Fisher, Nancy  Hartt  BM   Email  
Fitzgerald, Ray Hartt BM   Email  
Forbis, John NCSA BM   Email  
Fordham, Leroy NCSA BM   Email  
Gianfriddo,Thomas Hartt BM   Email  
Grimaldi, Gary Aspen     Email  
Hale, Ted Hartt MM   Email
Han, Jeong-Hoon Hartt GPD ‘96   Email  
Hartman, David NCSA, Hartt     Email  
Hasselback, John Hartt BM   Email  
Hayward, Don Hartt BM   Email  
Hosterman, Glenn Penn State BS Trombone Professor,  Lock Haven University, PA Email
Hoyt, George Stonybrook DMA '93   Email  
Ito, Yuka Stonybrook BA   Email  
Josephson, Julie  Stonybrook MM Professional Trombonist Email
Juhnke, Jerry WSU BM   Email  
Kamilos, Steven Stonybrook MM '97?   Email  
Kampler, Zachary Hartt BM  '05   Email  
Kansler, Tim Hartt BM  '01 Graduate Student Email
Kim, Yoo-Suk Stonybrook DMA '97?   Email  
Kurz, Gerald NCSA BM '98   Email  
Lane, Zachary Hartt BM  '95   Email  
Leskowicz, Paul Hartt, Stonybrook BM  '93, MM  '95 High School Band Director and Free-lance trombonist, Central PA Email
Liston, Richard NCSA     Email  
Loucky, David Stonybrook DMA University Trombone Professor Email
Lucas, Chris Hartt BM   Email  
Luttrell, Steven  WSU     Email  
MacDonald, Sean Hartt BM ‘03   Email
Marbury, James Stonybrook MM   Email  
Marchini, Gregory Hartt BM ‘03   Email  
Marson, Chris Hartt, Stonybrook BM ‘95   Email  
Martin, Jared Hartt BM ‘01   Email  
Miller, John Hartt BM ‘04   Email
Miller, Reid  WSU BM   Email  
Mills, Steven Hartt     Email  
Mitler, Jordan Hartt BM   Email  
Morgan, Mark NCSA   Bass Trombonist with US Navy Commodores (Premiere Jazz Band) Email  
Nasto, Anthony Hartt BM Vocal '07   Email
Padron, Freddy NCSA BM Principal Trombone, Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra Email
Perez, Alberto Aspen     Email  
Pinto, Thomas Stonybrook DMA   Email  
Poindexter, Sandy NCSA BM   Email  
Quinn, Sarah Hartt BM ‘00 High School Band Director Email
Renaker, Stephen Stonybrook DMA '95   Email  
Rinaudo, Richard Hartt BM ‘05   Email
Robinson, Jocelyn Hartt BM   Email  
Rodney, Michael Hartt     Email  
Rotindo, Nicholas Hartt BM 99   Email  
Russell, Peter Hartt BM 97   Email  
Salo, Amy Hartt BM ‘01 NYC Free Lance Trombonist and Teacher Email
Salzwedel, Erik NCSA Stonybrook BM, MM Bass Trombonist with Winston-Salem Symphony (NC) and GreenStonybrookoro Symphony (NC).  Exec. Director of Arts United for Davidson County, NC. Email
Shandera, Karen Hartt BM ‘00   Email  
Tchekan, Vladimir Hartt AD ‘96   Email
Tzetzo, John Hartt BM '93   Email
Volo, Robert Hartt BM '95   Email  
Voychick, Jakob Hartt BM, BMEd '07   Email
Walter, Cameron Aspen   Prof. of Trombone, Univ. of Toronto Email
Williams, Richard Hartt BM   Email  
Wong, Aileen Hartt BM ‘04   Email
Wood, Peter Hartt BM '07   Email
Woodley, Troy Stonybrook BA   Email  
Young, Kelly Stonybrook DMA   Email  
Zacharella, Alexandra Hartt BM '99 L'Anse Creuse Middle School Band Director; Trombone Instructor, Interlochen Summer Program Email


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