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Hello from Hartt at the beginning of the 2006 -07 academic year!  We are again fortunate to have an outstanding trombone studio, though somewhat dimmer for a semester because Jakob and Stacy have taken their collective energy, radiance and talent to each’s respective student teaching assignments.  We are profiting from the energy of the enthusiastic, if unbridled, arrival of four entering freshmen.  Please read their profiles on the freshman page. 

Long time readers will notice a facelift to the site.  We have a new webmaster, Matt Russo, a current sophomore double major in Performance and Music Education.  Matt is finding time to do a major overhaul to the site and I ask your patience during reconstruction.  I hope you like the look.  I am deeply indebted to our first and founding webmaster, Paul Leskowicz, for his advice, expertise and time in designing the original site and mastering its upkeep. Paul has earned a reprieve and the concomitant release time to tend to his teaching, playing and, most importantly, family and new child.

Again this summer I had the good fortune to hear from a former student.  Hartt graduate Rich Williams wrote to keep me abreast of his activities.  In addition to teaching, Rich is Principal Trombone of the Westchester Symphonic Winds and is performing the Larsson Concerto with them in November.  It is always rewarding to me to hear from former students.  Please write, when you can, and encourage other former students that you know to visit the site and contact me when they have time.  We are anticipating an exciting year.  Stay tuned!



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